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Simon Finney Assoc BSC

Category: Associates

Role: Camera Operator

Website: IMDb

As the offspring of two actors a career in “The Industry” was probably on the cards! However, it
was not however until I had finished a history degree that I felt drawn to it. Apart, that is, from my
reply, as a five year old, to the question; “Why do you want to become an actor?”. My answer?
“Because both my parents spend a lot of time not working.”. I also spent relatively little time as a
child “on set”.

Following University I attended a two week film course at Crosswind Films in Soho Square;
worked on two NFTS projects and was then offered a job as a runner on a feature film. Yes my
dad was in it! This was to be the first of six films together.
My first thought was to become an editor but, having been lucky enough to spend time on set
during the above engagement, I soon realised it was in the camera department that I would be
happiest: on the front line.

Back then working in the film and television industry required membership of the ACCT and I was
fortunate that the company who had supplied the camera equipment for the above production
was in need of a delivery driver. Many thanks to Jamie Harcourt and Nigel Wool for pursuing this
and to Joe Dunton for affording me the opportunity.

I worked at JDC for four years, familiarising myself with camera equipment and obtaining said
union ticket. I spent one year delivery equipment, one in the office taking bookings and two on the
floor prepping gear and helping crews during testing. Each stage provided me with valuable
knowledge and contacts for a freelance future.

After leaving JDC I spent five and a half years as a clapper loader and seven and a half as a focus
puller. I have been operating since 2000. Despite a couple of enjoyable outings as a second unit
DoP I have no great yearning to move on permanently.

The industry affords us many privileges: collaboration with talented individuals towards a,
hopefully, common goal and being paid to travel to places that most would usually pay to visit,
among others. It certainly beats working for a living.

I am fortunate to have met countless wonderful people along the way but I would like to mention
John Jordan, Chris Plevin, Gavin Finney and Remi Adefarasin for all their support and the
opportunities given.