There are five categories of membership detailed on these pages.






 All invitations are at the discretion of the Board of Governors.




Submissions for BSC membership is closed until November 2022 and the membership criteria is being revised and will be posted here shortly.



Associate membership is available to camera operators and specialist cinematographers who have undertaken outstanding work in feature production which does not fit into the full membership criteria. The applicant must be ordinarily resident in the British Isles and be nominated for membership by an existing member and agreed at a Board meeting of the society. Associate members are entitled to use the wording ‘Associate BSC’ or ‘Assoc. BSC’ after their names on correspondence and CV’s but not on screen credits. Only these wordings can be used and no further derivation is permitted. An Associate will be entitled to nominate and vote for the Society’s Award but will hold no other voting rights. An Associate will not be entitled to become an Officer of the Society. However, on occasion, an Associate can, if selected, attend Board of Governor meetings at the discretion of the board. This membership currently carries a subscription of £182 p.a. payable by direct debit and a joining fee of £200.

Criteria for Proposing Candidates for Associate Membership of the Society

The Proposer must be a Member of the Society in good standing. On putting forward a candidate the Proposer must ensure the Candidate is eligible in accordance with the Society’s Associate Membership criteria above. The Proposer must also ensure that the Candidate is aware of the aims and objectives of the Society and his or her responsibilities as a member, particularly the financial involvement which currently is as follows: £182 p.a. payable by direct debit and the joining fee of £200.

Guidance for Members Proposing Candidates for Associate Membership

On submitting a Candidate the Proposer should complete an Associate Membership Proposal Form and include a complete list of credits including awards, along with any other information they deem relevant. These should be sent to Audra Marshall at

Should the Candidate be accepted to membership, for an initial period, the Proposer would be responsible for encouraging them to take an active part in Society Events; accompanying them whenever possible and introducing them to their fellow members.

If you would like to put forward a candidate for Associate Membership, please complete the Associate BSC Proposal Form  and remit it to



Full or Associate members who have reached the age of 70 and/or have retired, are entitled to Honorary Membership and would no longer be obliged to pay an annual subscription, providing they have been a paying member of the Society for a period of ten years previously.  Any member who qualifies (and who wishes to change their membership status) should inform the Secretary.  Full and Associate Members becoming Honorary Members would retain the same voting rights.


This membership is open to companies directly associated with cinematographers and the camera department. Companies may apply for Patron membership and if considered eligible by the Board an invitation will be sent. Patron Companies shall nominate a named representative to attend Society’s activities but would have no voting or electoral rights.

Companies should have a minimum of 5 years trading in the industry and need to provide the names of 3 cinematographers they have worked with. 

Please read the fact sheet detailing the advantages of patron membership. If you would like to apply then please e mail    The current subscription for Patron Membership is £1750 per annum. Smaller companies with max. 5 employees £900 per annum.


This category of membership is only for those whose work once involved close ties with the Society and have since retired, or who have offered or continue to offer help to the society outside of their normal operation or, in general, support the work of the cinematographer though not part of the industry. However, the membership is not open to existing service company heads or managers, cinematographers or crew members. Friends membership is given solely at the discretion of the Board of Governors and currently involves an annual fee of £105.00 payable by direct debit or if you wish to subscribe to receive a copy of the BC Magazine then the annual fee is £130.

Friends are invited to Society’s events but have no voting rights nor can they use the initials ‘BSC’ after their name. There are a few Honorary Friends within this category who have been rewarded for long service to the Society.