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Michael Coulter BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Mick Coulter BSC

Mick was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952

He was introduced to the film business by his director brother-in- law, the late Charles Gormley.  During his early years in the business he did a bit of everything from being the ‘gofer’ to loading the magazines at football matches (B&W with magnetic stripe) to syncing the rushes, making the tea and painting the office.  After four years working at two documentary companies he decided to go ‘freelance’ as a camera assistant, working on anything and everything he could.   During this period Mick became acquainted with writer/director Bill Forsyth.  Bill subsequently asked Mick to photograph Forsyth's first two feature films 'That Sinking Feelingand ‘Gregory’s Girl in 1979 and 1980.

Alongside these feature films in the early '80s he also worked on many and varied documentaries. Shooting documentaries made you resourceful and inventive. You had to make things work somehow”.  He also enjoyed a brief stint in France during the early '80s, as an assistant to cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn on director Bertrand Tavernier’s ‘Une Semaine Des Vacancesand Coup de Torchon’.

In the years 1982-84 he also had the opportunity to work as camera operator for Academy Award winning DOP Chris Menges on Forsyth's next pictures, 'Local Hero' and 'Comfort and Joy', which he describes as 'unmissable opportunities to work with a man I admired tremendously.’  As DOP he went on to shoot three more films with Bill Forsyth Housekeeping’, ‘Breaking Inand Being Human He was invited to join the BSC in 1988.

In 1985 he was presented with the chance to shoot his first proper feature film ‘No Surrender’ when the DOP became ill a week before Principal Photography.  Mick had been hired as the operator and was known to the Producer,  Mamoun Hassan whom hw had worked with on ‘Gregory’s Girl’.  Mamoun asked Mick to step up.   So he thought  “well the ball has fallen at my feet … do I kick it away, or pick it up and run with it?   I picked it up. “   Things took off from there and within a year he had shot three films. 

Since the mid 80s Coulter has been shooting both feature films and TV commercials in the UK and worldwide. He has worked with many acclaimed directors including Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility), Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Good Father), Chen Kaige (Killing me Softly), Roger Michell (Notting Hill), Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job), Richard Curtis (Love Actually), Roland Joffe (The Lovers), Terence Davies (The Long Day Closesand The Neon Bible), Michael Lehmann (My Giant), John MacKenzie (The Infiltrator), Charles Sturridge (Where Angels Fear to Treadand ‘Fairytale’), John Madden (The Widowmaker) and Nick Broomfield (Dark Obsessionand Monster in a Box).   Mick’s latest feature credit is ‘The Hustle’ directed by ChrisAddison. 

BSC Award nomination [1994] for 'Four Weddings and a Funeral';
BSC Award nomination [1995] for 'Sense and Sensibility.
BAFTA Film Award nomination [1995] 'Sense and Sensibility.
AMPAS nomination [1995] for 'Sense and Sensibility.
Scottish BAFTA Craft Award [1997] for Outstanding Contribution to Film or Television.