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Gerry Vasbenter Assoc BSC

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Role: Camera Operator

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Gerry Vasbenter Associate BSC

My craft background followed the traditional route through camera dept,
learning on the job; starting back in the early 80’s at the NZ National film
Unit: then out into the freelance world as a Clapper Loader (2nd AC),
Focus Puller (1st AC) and lucky enough to continue my learning with Alan
Bollinger NZSC who instilled in me a plethora of technical and artistic

I left Aotearoa ( New Zealand) some time ago as a camera operator and
steadicam operator and settled with my partner and kids in the UK. My
learning never stopped and I’ve been much influenced by my good friend
and mentor Andrew Dunn BSC. Now having made the final step in my
career path as DOP, I'm hugely grateful to all those who shared their
knowledge and experience with me.

My work fluctuates between films, commercials and documentaries. I'm
fascinated with visual story telling and fast flowing changes of production
tools and what new technology is being used to create images and tell
stories. I've shot on everything from cellphones and 8k reds, to 3D rigs
and Panaflex XL's. Being fluent in a variety of formats is always
helpful. I've included a couple of frame grabs of my work from the 2020
release of Waiting For Anya, a period WWII story set and filmed in the
French Pyrenees mountains. We had all the challenges of a indie film: 26
day schedule, a bear that didn't like to work rain the day 30cm fell in 12
hours,(except of course at lunchtime) 8" of unseasonal snow on day two
of shooting...It all goes into the mix of a typical day in our unusual

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