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Robin Browne BSC

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Role: Cinematographer

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Avoiding the London Blitz the family moved to Buckinghamshire where Robin was born in 1941. Robin's father, Bernard Browne was at DP for Alexander Korda at Denham Studios. As no film schools nor media courses were available, entry  to camera departments was limited to an apprenticeship at one of the studios. In 1958 a position was available with the Film Producers Guild's studio at Merton Park,  under the watchful eye of Ted Worringham, In less than two years he went freelance to work on  'The Third Man'  a BBC production at Shepperton Studios where he continued to work as a clapper boy before spending time at MGM, Borhamwood. 

During the sixties, Hollywood introduced new film techniques to combat loosing cinema audiences.  As a camera assistant , Robin was very fortunate  to work with these large format cameras  such as: Todd-AO 65mm, spherical Super Panavion 65mm, Ultra Panavision 65mm with anamorphic lens, Technirama  eight perf. 35mm with Anamorphic lens and other widescreen systems.  Now mostly history.

During thirteen years as an assistant to the most talented DP's from both sides of the Atlantic , he worked on such films as:  ' Born Free', ' Battle of Britain', ' and 'Fall of the Roman Empire', 'On a clear Day', 'Dr. Dolittle',  'Catch 22' and one James Bond film. 

His break to become an operator was given by Ken Higgins (Georgy Girl) on a film called 'Carrier' ,then followed two seasons on a television series of Black Beauty, followed by  'The House of the living Dead' and 'Inside-out'.  After three years of operating became second unit /arial cameraman  on , The Red Baron,  At the same time collaborated with Bob Nettment and partners to develop an arial camera system called Astovision for filming the high speed footage of the British and French Concordes. Other assignments included:  'The Wilby Conpiracy',(1975)  and 'A Bridge too Far (1976) 'Aces High',(1977) 'Seven per cent Solution' (1977.)'Return to Navarone'(1978) and 'The Sphix'.(1981)

Skeets Kelly and Peter Allwork proposed BSC membership in mid seventies.  

There was a brief spell  when Robin worked on two productions at Covent Garden shooting live action footage as part of the scenic back drop for, The Knott Garden opera directed by Sir Peter Hall and the ballet Check Point directed by Sir Kennith Macmillian. 

Between the late '70's to early '90s  added the challenge of visual effects to his second unit experiences.  Productions included 'Time Bandits' three James Bond, 'The Spy who Loved Me',  'Moonraker,'  'For your Eyes only',   'Krull',   'Gandh',   'A Passage to India'', 'King Kong Lives', 'Gorillas in the Mist'  'The Keep'  'Air America'  'The Secret Garden'. 

In 1991, Robin and family moved to Michigan, USA , where he currently resides. He joined a SFX company for a number of years but maintained connections to work in England. He continued to be involved in feature production in the States  and shot second unit for David Watkins on  'Milk Money. 1993,  A dramatic fall on the ice in 2016 brought about his unpredicted retirement. With a DP career behind him he has now undertaken the challenge of script writng.