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Michael Garfath BSC

Category: Honorary Accredited

Role: Cinematographer

Website: IMDb

Michael Garfath
I come from a film industry family. My father was a make up artist , an aunt was a hairdresser, so I grew up with it in my blood.
I entered the business at the age of 18 doing a menial job in a film library in orded to get a union ticket. After the compulsory 2 years I was able to move on and was taken on as a trainee clapper loader with a commercials company.
Ewart Studios. 6 months there and in 1964 I went freelance.
Then followed a natural progression through the Camera Dept. Loader, Focus and Operator, working on Feature Films, some TV with Commercials in between.
In 1980 I was offered the opportunity to light a Mr. Kipling Ad.
That was the start of a 27 year career lighting Features and  Commercials until my retirement in 2007.
I now split my time between Hampshire and Cornwall.