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Michael Garfath BSC

Category: Honorary Accredited

Role: Cinematographer

Website: IMDb


Born in 1944, I grew up in a film business family, son of make up artist Alec and hairdresser Louie.

While studying for a career in architecture I visited my father on the set of ‘Tom Jones’ and that changed my life. I wanted to be the man looking through that big camera. 

In 1963 I managed to get a job in a film library and after two years, union ticket in hand which was essential in those days, my first step in the direction I wanted to go, a job as a trainee loader with a tv commercials company.

This was the start of my life in the camera department.

For the next fifteen years I worked on commercials and films as a loader then focus  puller and camera operator with such luminaries as Gerry Fisher, Gerry Turpin, Dick Bush, Ronnie Taylor, Robin Browne, and Ian McMillan, all members of the BSC, and Claude Renoir. Each of whom had a great influence on me and from all of whom I learned a lot.

Gratitude I owe to others during my career are Camera Operator Gordon Hayman.

The gaffer on most of my films Ray Potter, and commercials director Roger Woodburn of Park Village Productions.

In 1980 I decided I was ready to start lighting and in 1983 on a two day shoot I met director Mike Hodges. A week later he called and asked me to photograph a tv film he was about to start. This was my big break and the start of a long and successful relationship.

During the next twenty five years until my retirement in 2008 I photographed twelve films, hundreds of tv commercials and several music videos. In 1988 I was proposed for membership of the BSC by Alan Hume and was invited to become a member.

My film credits include;

1983, Squaring The Circle. Dir; Mike Hodges. 1985,  Lamb,  Dir; Colin Gregg.

1986,  A Prayer For The Dying,  Dir; Mike Hodges.  1987,  Soursweet. Dir; Mike Newell.  1989 We Think The World Of You. ; Dir Colin Gregg.  1990 Nuns On The Run.  Dir; Jonathan Lynn. 1997. Croupier. Dir; Mike Hodges.  2002. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Dir; Mike Hodges.