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Ken MacMillan BSC

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Role: Cinematographer

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Kenneth MacMillan B.S.C. Biography



I was born 16th June 1939 in London to Scottish parents ,and was taken almost immediately to Glasgow to stay with my mothers relations ,for the duration of the Second World War.

I went to junior school in Glasgow, and returned to London at the age of six . Upon passing the 11plus exam I went to the South East Essex County Technical High School Where I enjoyed art, and physics, and music ,we were also taught Architectural Drawing which has been very useful over the years.


About the age of 11 I was given a boxed set of photographic equipment and chemicals

at Christmas.And so it began , blacking out the kitchen , and gradually learning 

how to process and print .On leaving school I applied to go to the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts for three years doing commercial photography and graphic design,

I had previously been rejected by the Polytechnic film school ,but thought any photographic course is better than none. But as it turned out it was a very good choice.

My first job was with a small production company in Wardour Street called Victor M.Gover

who had opened a company in Nigeria.This lasted for about 18 months when it was thought not to be financially viable ,something to do with local taxes.

Upon returning to UK, Victor Gover said that the BBC were starting a film unit at Ealing Studios , and there were trainee posts available .I went to Ealing and saw a very charming Greek chap,

Reno Wideson , who said that I should apply forthwith.This was in 1960.


For the next eight years I was camera assistant /operator at the B.B.C. Film Unit .I was finally appointed 1968. At the time I was operating for the redoubtable Tubby Englander shooting 

Sir Kenneth Clarks great work ‘Civilisation’.

During the next eighteen years I was photographing at first documentaries and then drama 

films and series.I left the BBC in 1986 and became freelance , I was at the BBC for 25 years.


I was then fortunate in being sought out by a Hollywood agency who represented designers and cinematographers. And for the next 19 years photographed feature films and lots of TV commercials.I was made a member of the B.S.C. in 1989,  and elected a member of A.M.P.A.S 

 in 1992 sponsored by Haskel Wexler A.S.C.   Retired in 2005.


I always hoped that my cinematography would enhance and strengthen the dramatic purpose of each scene ,and not come between the actor and the audience by self conscious 

artifice.Of course I think a film has to have a visual style ,but this is mostly surface gloss.


I admire Caravaggio, Vermeer, Jimmy Wong Howe,Greg Toland.





Henry V

Of Mice and Men

Dancing at Lughnasa

A Month in the Country

Bleak House 

Smileys people

Hotel du Lac


AWARDS    BAFTA TV Technical Craft Award nom [1977] for 'Royal Heritage'; BAFTA TV Award [1982] for 'Smiley's People'; BAFTA TV Award nom [1986] for 'Bleak House'; BAFTA TV Award nom [1987] for 'Hotel du Lac' and 'The Day After the Fair'; BAFTA Film Award nom [1990] for 'Henry V'; CableACE Award [1994] for 'Zelda'.