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Paul Wheeler BSC FBKS

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Role: Cinematographer

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Paul Wheeler



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Paul joined the BBC Film Department in the early 60’s as a trainee projectionist with the firm intention of becoming a BBC Film Cameraman, he achieved this in 1976. He went freelance in the late 80’s having become a Senior Film Cameraman, one of only six out of sixty three cameramen there at the time.

Specialising in Television Drama his freelance career as a Director of Photography included lighting “Oklahoma!”,  “King Lear”,  “The Merchant of Venice”,  two seasons of “Inspector Morse” and many other prestigious films.

Concurrent with his career as a Director of Photography Paul has always had a keen interest in teaching his craft at various times being Head of Cinematography at The Royal College of Art (RCA),  the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and the Metropolitan Film School at Ealing Studios; and he is an Honorary Visiting Professor at Roehampton University.

Paul is the author of Practical Cinematography, High Definition Cinematography and  Digital Cinematograph which have variously been translated into some nine languages.

While Paul still makes the occasional film for established clients he now spends much of his free time traveling and concentrating on his still photography.