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Remi Adefarasin OBE BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Remi Adefarasin OBE BSC

Aged 16, my Grandfather taught me how to take photographs, develop and print.  I was totally hooked and went on to study photography and then cinematography. In 1968 I was accepted as a trainee for BBC’s film department at Ealing Studios.

My first year I spent the summer in Scotland assisting on The Borderers, almost a western set on the frontier between Scotland and England during the sixteenth century.  Alan Jonas was the Cameraman and it was filmed on an Arri 2C in the 120s Blimp.

Over my eleven years as a camera assistant I worked on so many different program styles from documentary, music programs, documentaries and my favourite … drama.  I spent four years with Brian Tufano & learnt a great deal from him.  At its peak the film department at Ealing had 78 cameramen and the environment was such that you could freely discuss filming issues with many different people. The fact that the camera workshops, the projection area, and the editing rooms what are all on the same site make for a very fertile environment.

In 1979 I was promoted to cameraman and remained with the BBC till 1995 when I handed in my resignation.  As a cameraman I had worked with Mike Leigh on five films and five films with Angela Pope.  The variety was rich and the documentaries put us in total contact with the reality of life.  I was in Trinidad on a series when told that I had become a member of the BSC.  A great honour!

I shot a feature, again with Angela Pope the first year that I left. 

Shekhar Kapur had seen Sliding Doors and asked me if I would shoot Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen.  Everything worked in harmony on that film despite the lowish budget.  Phil Sindall & Sean Savage operating, Jim Wilson my constant loyal gaffer and John Arnold the clever grip.  Other than the BSC award I don’t hold much conviction in awards but for this film I did win the BSC award, was nominated for the Oscar and won the BAFTA and Camerimage’s Golden Frog.

I never want to stop making movies.



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