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John Maskall Assoc BSC

Category: Past Associates

Role: Camera Operator

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1962 EVENING STANDARD add reads    

“DOCUMENTARY CO. BOND ST. LONDON REQUIRES TEA BOY” To make 26 cups of tea twice daily and run errands for all departments, receive training for future career opportunities. I applied and got the job.

Stanley Schofield Productions Ltd. produced industrial, medical, sporting films. After 6 months I was given 3 months in each department- Sound-Editing-Camera. Camera was my choice, my dream began.

After assisting numerous cameramen for three years I was given a 16mm Bolex, 500 feet of film to be part of his team covering the Monte Carlo Rally. Several such rallies later I joined the BBC on a 6 month holiday relief contract at the end of which along with several others I applied for a permanent job which I did not get (lack of 35mm experience) Devastated.

I phoned freelance ex BBC Cameraman Charles Parnell he took my name. By chance some weeks later he called. I became his assistant for several years during which period my freelance reputation grew and so did my list of cameramen and TV companies. Two of which were John Keeling and David Findlay who was commissioned by a Christopher Nupen to shoot a series of films about the great Classical musicians of that time. I was given the opportunity to operate in multi camera set ups my dream came true.

During this period Euston Films was born.  John Keeling was chosen for their first production Special Branch and he chose me to be his operator. It was a success, a whole new way of making one hour TV drama was launched. My operating career took off. Bliss. Euston Films history is well documented and I became a large part of it. My operator’s  reputation grew as did my list of production companies and amazing DOPs and continued up to 2010 when I retired. 1000 hours of transmitted tv drama. Dreams fulfilled. .

Feature films eluded me.   1980 David Wicks Silver Dream Racer 1984 Dusty Miller Blood Bath in the house of Death. 1987 Alec Mills Lionheart. 1987 Jimmy Devis Empire of the Sun China 2nd Unit. 1991Vernon Leyton Under Suspicion.. 1997 Event Horizon 2nd Camera. 1997 Fierce Creatures 2nd Camera.

I would very much like to thank all the DOP who I had the pleasure of working with, and the BSC for allowing me to become an ABSC it was a great honor . THANK YOU