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Michael Fox BSC

Category: Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

Website: IMDb

My own career path was in documentary and I sense that many of us would admit that on many levels the documentary experience was of immense value for later careers shooting fiction. Personally, I learned over time to be confident with a camera, both in it’s handling and in being unafraid of taking risks. Working with available light and noticing it more whether natural or artificial, white or of a colour, subtracting it as well as supplementing it. It provided the opportunity to take on board aspects of human behaviour, body language, rhythms of speech and movement and posture, all the stuff of real lives and conditions that I hoped would fuel an understanding when engaged to reproduce it for Cinema. Being a member of a Society that celebrates Cinema and that upholds and champions creative endeavour is very important and so fundamental to an age where craft values are often threatened. Surely, such a danger is represented best by the notion that sharper and sharper images are a panacea for quality Cinema.


I hope you don’t mind my supplying a new photograph to replace the present one. I did find the envelope labelled replacement passport photos but thought better of sending it as a combination of flat lighting and obeying the instruction that smiling is absolutely forbidden caused me to think better of it.
The following is a greatly reduced version of my CV 
Education: John Ruskin Comprehensive. Coniston, Cumbria.
Work: Lab Technician at Rank Laboratories, Denham.
  Camera department trainee at Abacus Productions.
  Assistant Film Editor at Roger Cherrill Associates and afterwards with David Naden Associates.
  Assistant Film Editor at Thames Television on 'World at War’
  Film Researcher at Thames Television on 'World at War’
  Dubbing Editor at Thames Television on 'World at War’
  Freelance Camera Assistant at Document Films
  Freelance Cameraman: 35mm Cinema Shorts and various 16mm Corporates.


THE HEART OF THE DRAGON. Ash Films / Ch.4 16mm 6 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Peter Montagnon    

THE FLAME TREES OF THIKA. Euston Films. 16mm (2nd Unit) 7 x 50’ Drama / Dir: Roy Ward Baker 

THE GREEN HORIZON. 20th Century Fox. 35mm Theatrical Feature as Camera operator / Dir: Susumo Hani


BERT HARDY’S WORLD. Third Eye / Ch.4 16mm 70’ Documentary / Dir: Peter West

Whicker's World - LIVING WITH UNCLE SAM. BBC Bristol. 16mm 10 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Jonathan Stedall

GUITARRA. Third Eye / Ch.4 16mm 8 x 30’ Documentaries / Dir: Barry Gavin    


SEVEN AGES. BBC Bristol. 16mm 7 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Jonathan Stedall 

FATMAN GOES NORSE. World Outside / Ch.4 16mm 4 x 50’ Documentaries  as Director/Cam


DINNER AT NOON. BBC Bristol. 16mm 40’ Documentary with Alan Bennett / Dir: Jonathan Stedall 

THE RIDDLE OF MIDNIGHT. Antelope / Ch.4 16mm 75’ Drama/Documentary / Dir: Geoff Dunlop 


THE FALL. Arts Council / BBC 16mm 10’ Drama / Dir: Darshan Singh 

CANDLE ON THE HILL. BBC Bristol. 16mm 3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Jonathan Stedall 


AROUND WHICKER’S WORLD. September / YTV 16mm 4 x 50’ Documentary / Dir: David Green 

BILL T JONES & ARNIE ZANE & COMPANY  Scorer Assoc./BBC 16mm 50’ Documentary / Dir: Mischa Scorer (1993 Emmy award winner.)


COLTRANE IN A CADILLAC. Tiger / Aspect / Meridian. 16mm 4 x 25’ Documentaries / Dir: Paul Summers 

THE GAZE OF THE GORGON. BBC Bristol. 16mm 40’ Documentary with Tony Harrison. / Dir: Peter Symes 


IN THE WILD - LIONS. Tigress / Meridian. Super 16 50’ Documentary with Anthony Hopkins. (as Dir/Cam)


PORTRAIT OR BUST. Scorer Assoc / BBC. 16mm 50’ Documentary with Alan Bennett. / Dir: Jonathan Stedall

D-DAY. BBC Bristol. 16mm 2 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Mark Fielder    


NO ORDINARY PEOPLE. Foxy Films / BBC Super 16  50’ Drama/Documentary (as Dir/Cam) 

THE ABBEY WITH ALAN BENNETT. Holmes Assoc / BBC Super 16  3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Jonathan Stedall


LEAVING HOME. LWT/Ch.4 16mm 2 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Peter West   

CITIZEN 2000. Dove Productions / Ch.4 16mm  70’ Documentary / Dir: Annie Paul 


EASY TARGET. Rouge Films. Super 16  25’ Drama. Dir: Tim Newton.

I CAESAR. Seventh Art Prods. / BBC Super 16  3 x 50’ Documentaries. Dir; Phil Grabski, Peter Nicholson.

THE WISE CONNECTION. Elliot Davies Prods. 35mm  25’ Drama. Dir: Ian Buchan

THE HOME. Granada / Ch.4 Super 16  75’ Documentary Dir: Paul Watson.


WHITE LIVES. Granada / C.4 Super 16  2 x 65’ Documentaries / Dir: Paul Watson.

PLANET USTINOV. Granada DigiBeta 3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Michael Waldman

THE DINNER PARTY. Granada / Ch.4 Super 1650’ Documentary / Dir: Paul Watson.


ONE MORE KISS. One More Kiss Ltd. 35mm Panavision Anamorphic Theatrical Feature / Dir: Vadim Jean

CANTICLE OF St. FRANCIS. Holmes Associates. / BBC Super 16 50’ Documentary / Dir: Anna Benson Gyles.

THE UNDERGROUND WAR. Foxy/Parapet Films / Ch.4  DV Cam. 50’ Drama/documentary / as Dir/Cam   

Zi Zi Je t’aime. Scorer Associates. / BBC W/S Digibeta. 50’ Documentary / Dir: Mischa Scorer.

LABOUR PARTY NEW DEAL Beechurst Films. 16mm  8 x 30sec Commercials / Dir: Vadim Jean.


JUST DESERTS. HTV. Super 16  1 x 25’ Drama / Dir: Vadim Jean.

STATE OF THE PLANET with David Attenborough  BBC. Super 16  3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Kate Broome / Rupert Barrington.

CONGO. Scorer Assoc. Super 16  3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dir: Brian Leith (2002 RTS Award)


DELILAH. Frames of Reference Films Ltd. 35mm 1 x 20’ Drama / Dir: Esther May Campbell.

RWANDA-HOPE IN HELL. BBC Bristol W/S Digibeta. 1 x 50’ Documentary / Dir: Kate Broome.

SNOW ON SATURDAY. Little Fish Productions. Super 16  1 x 15’ Drama / Dir: Imogen Stubbs.


PC WORLD. The Mob Film Co. 35mm  5 x 30’ Commercials / Dir: Vadim Jean.

STARMAN. Yipp Films Ltd. Super 16  25’ Drama / Dir: Pat Collerton (2002 RTS Award)


MANDANCIN’. I.A. Productions. Super 16  Theatrical Feature / Dir: Norman Stone

THE VIRGIN OF LIVERPOOL. Senator / The Mob Film Co. Super 35 Theatrical Feature / Dir: Lee Donaldson (As Camera Operator)

LET IT ROLL - FLIGHT 93. Granada. DV Cam 1 x 50’ Drama / Dir: Chris Oxley.

LIFE ON AIR – David Attenborough. BBC Bristol. Super 16  1 x 50’ Documentary / Dir: Brian Leith.

THE DAY I DIED. BBC Bristol / TLC. W/S Digibeta  60’ Documentary / Dir: Kate Broome


THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 30. Samuelson All Stars. Super 35 (2.35-1) Theatrical Feature / Dir: Simon Shore

PC WORLD. The Mob Film Co. 35mm 4 x 30’ Commercials / Dir: Vadim Jean

JIMINY GLICK IN LALAWOOD. Gold Circle Films (USA) HD Cam. Theatrical Feature / Dir: Vadim Jean


BEYOND NARNIA. Windbourne (Canada) Super 16  60 min Drama / Dir: Norman Stone.


MUSSOLINI. IWC/Rai TV/Ch.5 DV-Cam  2 x 60’ Drama/Documentaries / Dir: Chris Oxley

THE WAUGHS. BBC Specialist Factual-Arts. DV-Cam  90’ Documentary / Dir: Fran Landsmann

MONARCHY. Granada W/S Digibeta 50 min Docu/Drama / Dir: Steve Clarke


LENNY’S BRITAIN. BBC Bristol DV-Cam 3 x 50’ Documentaries / Dirs: Kate Broome, Sacha Mirzoeff.

SKINS. Company Pictures. HD-Cam

Eps.5, 7 & part of 1 & 2 Drama / Dirs: Minky Spiro, Paul Gay.

THE WALK. 1A/ Films. DV-Cam  30’ Drama / Dir:Murray Watts.

HOGFATHER. The Mob Film Co./Sky Arri D.2 x 120’ Drama / Dir: Vadim Jean (as 2nd Unit Dir/DOP

PAUL MERTON’S SILENT CLOWNS. BBC Specialist Factual DV-Cam  2 x 40’ Documentaries / Dir: Kate Broome.


FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE 1A Prods. HDX 900  75’ Drama / Dir: Norman Stone


THE NARNIA CODE !A productions HDX900  50’ Documentary / Dir: Norman Stone

LAND OF THE FREE The Mob Film Company RED Cam 90’ Theatrical Documentary / Dir: Vadim Jean

PAUL MERTON LOOKS AT ALFRED HITCHCOCK BBC/Bristol DVCam  50’ Documentary / Dir: Paul Merton

A SPIRIT IN PROVENCE Fruitkake Productions DVCam 50’ Documentary (as Dir/Cam)

WESSEX WATER Happy hour prods. 35mm 30 sec Commercial / Dir: Tom George

A FOREIGN FIELD Fruitkake Productions DVCam 75’ Documentary / as Dir/Cam

NICE BEACHES Producer: Ed Casey Super 16  25’ Drama / Dir: Shafeeq Vellani

THE MAN IN THE OWL BEAK SUIT Ten pence Productions HDX 900  20’ Drama / Dir: Daf Palfrey

DUGOUT Cream prods(Canada) HDX 900 2hr Drama/Doc / Dir: David Brady.

COLOUR BLIND LA Productions P2 HD  30’ Drama / Dir: Lenny Henry


PAUL MERTON'S LOST SILENTS BBC Bristol DVCam  60' Documentary / Dir: Paul Merton

THE BOPPS The Little Entertainment Co. DVCam  7 x 10' Dramas / Dir: Keith Littler

TRIMMING PABLO Citizens Band Prods. S.16 B/W20’ Drama / Dir: Tim Newton


THE TOWN THAT REMEMBERS BBC HDCam  60’ Documentary / Dir: Henry Singer

THE BIRTH OF HOLLYWOOD BBC DVCam  3 x 60’ Documentaries / Dir: Paul Merton

ROGER FEDERER Rubberductions P2 HDCam Viral / Dir: Guy Paterson

FRIGHTWATER VALLEY Citizens Band Prods. DVCam Viral / Dir: Tim Newton

RELIGION OF THE HEART Masterclass Foundation DVCam  40’ Documentary / Dir: Mischa Scorer

THE SHOW MUST GO ON The Mob Film Company P2 HDCam  60’ Documentary / Dir: Michael Waldman

THE BOOK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD 1A Productions HDX 900  90’ Drama / Dir: Norman Stone


FIVE DECISIONS The Mob Film Company P2 HDCam  40’ Documentary / Dir: Vadim Jean


CHURCHILL AND CLEMMIE BBC Sony F3  75’ Drama / Dir: Adam kemp

THE SOMME – SECRET TUNNEL WARS BBC HDX 900  60’ Drama Documentary (as Dir/Cam)

AFRICA with David Attenborough  Ep 6 BBC Natural History Varicam  60’ Documentary / Dir: Kate Broome

GUITAR STORIES The Mob Film Company Sony F3  50’ Documentary / Dir: Vadim Jean

2015 - 2020

COMBAT STRESS The Mob Film Company Sony F3  15minute Documentary /as Dir/Cam

BOTTOM KNOCKER STREET Fubuloo Ltd / ITV Sony F3 52 x 10’ Drama / Dir: Keith littler

FATHER’S DAY Coast Productions Arri Alexa  25’ Theatrical Drama / Dir: Cilla Ware

IN THE LAND OF THE FREE   The Mob Film Company Sony F3  90’ Theatrical Documentary / Dir: Vadim Jean
GREAT IN BRITAIN  Factory Films  Sony F3 (2.35 - 1) 120 minute Theatrical feature / Dir: Howard Webster

PAINTING WITH STONE  Tantinet Productions  Sony F3 Arts Documentary / Dir: Mark Wheeler