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Chick Fowle BSC

Category: Past Full Accredited

Role: Cinematographer

Website: IMDb

24.12.1915 – 16.6.1995



A prolific and accomplished documentary cinematographer who worked from around 1935 with the GPO Film Unit most notably on the short film Night Mail (1936 Directed by Harry Watt and Basil Wright) and with the Crown Film Unit for shorts such as Listen To Britain (1942 Directed by Humphrey Jennings and Stewart McAlistair) graduating to photographing low-budget features from 1950 onwards.

In 1951, Brazilian-born director, Alberto Cavalcanti, who had some success at Ealing Films under Michael Balcon, had been offered a contract to help start up a Brazilian Feature industry, but would only go if he could bring experienced technicians with him. He chose Chick Fowle as his DP, who would shoot feature films for the Brazilian Film industry until his retirement.