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Florian Hoffmeister BSC

Category: Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

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Florian was born in 1970 in Braunschweig, West-Germany. After spending a year in the USA as an exchange student, he finished school in Germany and embarked on various long journeys through North and South America. Whilst in his teenage years he was deeply interested in theatre, over the years his interest had slowly shifted towards film. Returning to Germany again in his early twenties he decided to apply for film school. As film schools back then required some kind of training or study prior to their courses, he drove to Berlin and found himself an internship as an electrician on a small television film. It was there that he caught the bug that is film making. He spend another year as a trainee in a Berlin based camera rental, and in 1994 got accepted into the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. „The curriculum was very holistic - covering all aspects of film making - an amazing time of discovery. We shot, directed, edited, post produced our own little films. Literally living and breathing film. Day and night.“ He graduated in 2000 having studied directing and cinematography, and quickly established himself in the world of German art house film. In 2003 a British filmmaker, the late Antonia Bird came to Germany to shoot The Hamburg Cell - a Channel4 film about the formation of the terrorist cell around Mohammed Atta that executed the attack on 9/11. She was looking for a dop. „Antonia gave me that first break, and also remained a strong supporter when I started working here in the UK. She was an amazing person, and a beautiful film maker, I do miss her tremendously.“ Despite the success of their collaboration, he remained in Germany for another 2 years, finishing off the work on his own directorial debut, the art house feature film „3 degrees colder“. It was in 2005, his film had just premiered in competition in Locarno and won him a Silver Leopard, that Antonia called again, this time to come and shoot in Manchester with her. „I did not have to think twice, albeit I had a lot of artistically interesting choices, I felt that taking myself out of my comfort zone into an industry far from the limitations of my own would be invigorating on many levels.“ British culture had been a source of inspiration through out his studies, and subsequently he made London his artistic and professional home. He spend the next years working in high end television, photographing 5 days for Otto Bathurst and Simon Curtis, and working with Alex Holmes on House of Saddam, for which he got is first Bafta Nomination, and finally Great Expectations, directed by Brian Kirk, which earned him Bafta, Emmy and an ASC Award. But it was in 2010 that his life yet took another turn. Producer Kate Ogborn introduced him to Terence Davies, for whom he consequently shot The Deep Blue Sea as well as A Quiet Passion. „Working with Terence brought me back to that initial fascination with cinema, to that wonder, that got me started in the first place. The privilege of working with him came at the right time for me, as much as a chance to express as well as refresh.“

Florian divides his time between London and Berlin, where his wife, writer Mona Kino lives with their kids Ruben and Liv.

 Antlers, Official Secrets, A Quiet Passion, The Deep Blue Sea, Johnny English Strikes Again, The Terror, The Prisoner, House of Saddam,

 BAFTA Nomination: House of Saddam

BAFTA Best Cinematography TV: Great Expectations

PRIMETIME EMMY Nomination: The Prisoner

PRIMETIME EMMY: Great Expectations