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Cyril Knowles BSC

Category: Past Full Accredited

Role: Cinematographer

Website: IMDb

1905 – 1961

Photo caption: Cyril Knowles BSC standing next to the loudspeaker on The Calendar (1948) directed by Arthur Crabtree



Brother of cinematographer Bernard Knowles BSC, he entered the film industry in 1927 as a camera assistant for Welsh-Pearson Ltd and spent much of his time as a camera operator, often on films shot by his brother, Bernard Knowles BSC, and developed a reputation for location shooting such as the African exteriors for King Solomon’s Mines (1937) directed by Robert Stevenson and photographed by Glen McWilliams, the Alpine exteriors for Snowbound (1948) directed by David McDonald and photographed by Stephen Dade BSC and location and special effects photography for Christopher Columbus (1949) again directed by David McDonald and photographed by Stephen Dade BSC.

In the fifties he did second unit work for Warwick on such films as Fire Down Below (1957) directed by Robert Parrish and photographed by Desmond Dickinson BSC and The Bandit of Zhobe (1959) directed by John Gilling and photographed by Ted Moore BSC.