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Stan Pavey BSC

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Role: Cinematographer

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23.12.1913 – May 1984




Stan Pavey BSC became a director of photography at Ealing Studios after working his way up to camera operator. His first credit as cinematographer was They Came to the City (1944) directed by Basil Dearden and was one of two cinematographers on the notable Dead of Night (1945) the other being Douglas Slocombe BSC involving five segments split amongst four directors: Alberto Cavalcanti, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer and Charles Crichton all stalwarts of Ealing Studios under (Sir) Michael Balcon.

Four years later, he found himself as one of four cameramen working on (Sir) Carol Reed’s The Third Man (1949) that won an Oscar for Cinematography. Main unit, night work and studio work was by Robert Krasker BSC, Pavey was in charge of the sewer unit in Vienna whilst Hans Schneeberger shot the day exteriors in Vienna including the iconic end shot of Allida Valli walking past Joseph Cotton and John Wilcox BSC shot second unit at Shepperton Studios including the now famous shot of Harry Lime’s appearance, played by Orson Welles, in a doorway at night.

Following that, Pavey had a fairly prolific career shooting B features and comedies as well as some films for television including four episodes of The Jack Benny Show.

Pavey is one of the founder members of the British Society of Cinematographers