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Reg Wyer BSC

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Role: Cinematographer

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Photo Caption: Reg Wyer BSC right of frame with David Harcourt Assoc. BSC left of frame and actress, Anne Heywood during VIOLENT PLAYGROUND (1958), directed by Basil Dearden.


Reg Wyer began his professional career in 1915 as a still photographer at the London company, SPEIGHTS in Bond Street. In 1919 he became a film camera assistant and over the next two decades, was involved in a wealth of documentary films as an assistant and cameraman for the Ministry of Information who appointed him head cameraman in 1940. Towards the end of WWII, Wyer shot his first feature, the highly successful THE LAST VEIL (1945) directed by Compton Bennett.

After that, he was involved in a number of very different film genres although predominantly B productions, but occasionally quality films like the episodic QUARTET (1948) where he shot one episode: “The Colonel’s Lady” directed by Ken Annakin, SO LONG AT HE FAIR (1950) directed by Anthony Darnborough and Terence Fisher and THE PRISONER (1955) directed by Peter Glenville. Among his other work were medium to low-budget movies - crime stories, horror stories, science fiction, and comedies such as CARRY ON NURSE (1959) and CARRY ON TEACHER (1959) both directed by Gerald Thomas and THE FAST LADY (1962) directed by Ken Annakin and marking the feature film debut of TV comedian Stanley Baxter.

Other credits include VIOLENT PLAYGROUND (1958) directed by Basil Dearden about juvenile delinquency, NIGHT OF THE EAGLE (1962) directed by Sidney Hayers, RATTLE OF A SIMPLE MAN (1964) directed by Muriel Box, and ISLAND OF TERROR (1966) directed by Terence Fisher. His last credited film was JULES VERNE’S ROCKET TO THE MOON (1967) directed by Don Sharp with an all-star cast.

Reg Wyer died in the last quarter of 1970 in Bognor Regis on the British Channel coast.


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