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George Spiro Dibie ASC

Category: Friends

Role: Honorary Friend of the BSC



George Spiro Dibie, ASC started his career shooting documentaries and educational films. By the mid-
1970’s, he shot over fifty 90-minute shows. Some of his credits for television series and pilots include
Barney Miller, Murphy Brown, Driving Miss Daisy, Room for Two, FYI, Trouble with Larry, Nothing in
Common, My Sister Sam, Locals, The Ellen Burstyn Show, Andrea, Maggie, Fish, A.E. Hudson Street, The
Two of Us, Ladies’ Man, Buffalo Bill, Willy, Dudley, Wreck Szabo, Tall Hopes, Steam Bath, Shari Lewis,
Spencer, Earthlings, Not in Front of the Kids, Bob Hope Special, Mr. Mom, Larsons of Las Vegas, Kelly
Kelly, Night Court, Head of the Class, A Girl’s Best Friend, Good Behavior, Sister, Sister; DiResta,
Growing Pains, The Ten of Us, and many more.

5 Emmy wins and 11 nominations Television Academy
2003 “Lifetime Achievement Award” International Cinematographers Guild
2008 “ASC Career Achievement in TV Award” American Society of Cinematographers
2008 “S.O.C. Distinguished Service Award” Society of Operating Cameramen
2009 “Special Mentorship Award” Eastman Kodak Company
Special Award Cinegear Expo
The Chris Statuette Columbus Film Festival
The Gold Award Houston International Film Festival
Man of the Year American Society of Lighting Designers
Artistic Merit/Community Leadership Industry Motion Picture Industry
Workplace AIDS Task Force Award
President Award IATSE/Convention

American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Board of Governor
Directors Guild of America (DGA) Member
International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) President Emeritus (20 years)
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Member

Pasadena Playhouse College of Theatre Arts Bachelor of Arts, 1959
Los Angeles City College Associate Arts, 1957
London University General Education, 1953

ABC Late Night Armchair Mysteries
“Murder by Computer” 90 minutes
“Rock A Die Baby” 90 minutes
“Song of the Succubus” 90 minutes
“Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby, etc.” 90 minutes
“Chant of Silence” 90 minutes
“Moving Target” 90 minutes
“Night Train Into Terror” 90 minutes
“Message to My Daughter” 90 minutes
“Hard Day at Blue Nose” 90 minutes
“Tight as a Drum” 90 minutes
“Farewell, My Lovely” 90 minutes
“Not Now, Norman” 90 minutes
“The Beautiful Killing” 90 minutes
“The Lovers” 90 minutes
“Death in Space” 90 minutes
“Murder, Impossible” 90 minutes
“Murder in the First Person Singular” 90 minutes

Steam Bath Series Warner/Showtime
Buffalo Bill Film Stampede, NBC
Barney Miller (7 seasons) Series Four D Prod./ABC
Fish (2 seasons) Series Four D Prod./ABC
A.E. Hudson Street Series Four D Prod./ABC
Sheri Lewis Series MGM/UA
Mr. Mom Pilot FOX/ABC
Spencer Pilot Landsburg/NBC
Earthlings Pilot Warner/ABC
Not in Front of the Kids Pilot Landsburg/NBC
Bob Hope Special Special NBC
Ladies Man Series FOX/CBS
The Two of Us Series Marble Arch/CBS
Maggie Series Marble Arch/CBS
Party Games for Adults Only Feature Film Busisto, Inc.
Don’t Look Back: “The Satchel Paige Story” Film/MOW Triseme/ABC
(For additional photography as Director/ Cinematographer)
The Goodbye Girl Pilot MGM
Irene Pilot FOX
F.Y.I. (with Hal Linden) Series ABC
Dick Van Dyke:“Harry’s Battles” Pilot Marble Arch
Dick Van Dyke:“McLeish and the Rented Kid Pilot Marble Arch
Stanley Kramer:“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Pilot CBS
Dick Clark’s TV Bloopers #1 Pilot Dick Clark/NBC
Love Her Anyway Pilot Viacom/ABC
Now We Are Cooking Film/Video Universal/CBS
Mrs. America Pageant Special Syndication
Star in the Family Pilot Paramount/ABC
The Martin Mull Show Pilot Universal/Steve Martin/NBC
After George Pilot MGM/CBS
In Security Pilot Lorimar/ABC
Venice Medical Pilot Spelling/ABC
Too Good to be True Pilot Lorimar/ABC
Washington Pilot Showtime
Instant Family Pilot FOX/NBC
Mr. Belvedere Pilot FOX/ABC
Goodbye, Charlie Pilot FOX

NBC Dinah Shore Special 60 minutes
Honeymoon Suite (5 shows) 90 minutes
The Vernon Bros. Special 60 minutes
CBS Glenn Ford Summertime U.S.A. 60 minutes
ABC Cars and Stars 60 minutes
CBS Henry Fonda Springtime U.S.A. 60 minutes
Pat Boone and Bob Vernon Hour 60 minutes
Easter Seal Telethon 24 hours
Mysteries Unresolved 30 minutes
Mary’s Incredible Dream (MTM Special) 60 minutes
Fantasies Unfulfilled (2 shows) 90 minutes

Wella Balsam Campaign (with Farrah Fawcett)  Jhirmack (with Victoria Principal)  Plymouth  Chrysler
 Warner Bros. Records  Admiral (with Peggy Fleming)  Ford LTD  Monroe Shocks  Bank of Arizona
 Bank of Hawaii  Security Pacific Bank  Ortho Mattress  Phonemate  Hanes Stockings  Goodyear
Exxon  Texaco  Heartland Cereal  Von’s  Pepsi  March of Dimes (with Dina Shore)  March of
Dimes (with Johnny Carson)  PSAs for WNET Ch. 13 NY (Paul Newman and Gregory Peck)

Co-Produced, Directed, Photographed, Edited and Distributed over 20 titles to corporations and education
systems across the United States for over 12 years