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Heinz Feldhaus

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Born in ESSEN ( Germany) April 17, 1936
Highschool in Essen to 1955
MECHANIC in ESSEN 1955 to 1957
Assistant to Charles Wilp ( Photographer ) in Düsseldorf 1958 to 1959
1960 to 1972  Camera Assistant at Bavaria Studios in Munich,Bavarian TV, Samuelson Film Service UK
1972 to 1976 working for SAMUELSON FILM SERVICE as Camera Engineer in AUSTRALIA
1976 till now working for ARRI worldwide in MARKETING for the RENTAL GROUP
Heinz worked with lots of German DP's and even more with DP's from the UK: John Alcott, Gerry Turpin, Tony Imi, Gerry Fisher, Bryan West, Billy Williams, and many more.
He worked in Spain, Italy, India, Morocco, Australia and Antarctica