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Austin Dempster BSC

Category: Past Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

Website: IMDb

5.3.1921 – 2.11.1975

Photo caption: Austin Dempster (left) with Chris Challis BSC on 'Arabesque'.



Dempster started operating in 1941 beginning with a short film for the Ministry of Information called Tank Patrol (Directed by John Eldridge) and then became one of Britain’s top feature operators working on such films as For Those In Peril  (1944 directed by Charles Crichton, photographed by Ernest Palmer and Douglas Slocombe OBE BSC).

He went on to work many times with DPs such as Max Greene BSC (aka Mutz Greenbaum) and with Chris Challis BSC on films such as: The Spanish Gardener (1956 Directed by Philip Leacock), Sink the Bismark (1960 Directed by Lewis Gilbert), HMS Defiant (1962 Directed by Lewis Gilbert), The Victors (1963 Directed by Carl Foreman), Arabesque (1966 Directed by Stanley Donen) and Two for the Road (1967 Directed by Stanley Donen).

In 1967 moved to Director Photography on films such as: Bedazzled (1967 Directed by Stanley Donen), The Looking Glass War (1969 Directed by Frank Pierson), Loot (1970 Directed by Silvio Narizzano), A Severed Head (1970 Directed by Dick Clement), Tales of Beatrix Potter (1971 Directed by Reginald Mills) and A Touch of Class (1973 Directed by Melvin Frank). His last credit was for The New Spartans (1975 Directed by Jack Starrett).

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