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Sam McCurdy ASC BSC

Category: Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

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Sam McCurdy ASC BSC

UK Agent : McKinney Macartney

US Agent : Gersh Agency

Melanie Ramsayer :  +1 310 205 5866

Laura Brokaw :  +1 310 205 5811


While studying fine art and photography at Durham, Sam became increasingly interested in
cinematography and this prompted his venture into shooting music videos and short films for friends
while at college.
Choosing to move to London to try and learn and progress through the camera department, Sam’s
career developed as he learnt from those around him and in particular learning form Tony Imi,
whom he spent time discussing career paths and the route of progressing as a cinematographer.
He remembers the day Tony said, ‘be yourself, don’t try to copy anyone else and never get lazy’….
As words that he has taken as the perfect guide to being a cinematographer..
His collaboration with Director Neil Marshall, who had been a long time friend, took him into
photographing his first notable feature film as a cinematographer, Dog Soldiers, this lead to him
collaborating again on the horror movie The Descent which gained him the confidence and
exposure to truly being his career as a Cinematographer.
Proposed for membership to the BSC in 2009, which was an honour and a true delight to the
working class art school grad from Newcastle..
Soon after, moving on to complete 2 feature films with New Zealand director Lee Tamahori, then
onto The Legend of Hercules with Finnish Director Renny Harlin and his collaboration on A United
Kingdom with Amma Asante, proved to be some of the most creatively rewarding and challenging
story telling ventures Sam has undertaken.
Certain carrier highlights were working on Emmy nominated and BSC award for cinematography
nominated episode of Game of Thrones, the BAFTA nominated movie The Descent and the critically
acclaimed movie A United Kingdom.
Passing through an age of film and into digital Sam maintains his love of the craft. Of the new
technology that is ever growing but with an understanding of the art and reasoning he so craved at
an early age and one that forged him to pursue this career.
2011, GAME OF THRONES: The Battle of Blackwater 2012, LOST IN SPACE 2018/2019, CARNIVAL
ROW 2019/2020

Sam became a member of the ASC in 2022