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Polly Morgan ASC BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Gersh Production - Polly Morgan BSC

Polly was born in London in 1979 and spent her childhood roaming the South Downs in the South West of the UK. As a teenager her love of movies was fueled by a film crew using her farmhouse as base camp and after seeing the camera flying on a crane, her future in cinematography was set.

Polly got her BA in Broadcasting Studies at the University of Leeds before beginning work in the Industry as a Runner for RSA (Ridley Scott Associates) in Soho. After years as a Runner, Polly was able to obtain work as a Camera Trainee and then Clapper Loader, for the next 5 years of her Career. She assisted many great Cinematographers such as Haris Zambarloukos, Dan Mindel and Alwin Kuchler, who inspired and encouraged her to follow her goal in becoming a DOP.

On the suggestion of Haris, Polly moved to Los Angeles and undertook a Masters in Cinematography at the American Film Institute and on completion decided to stay at pursue her career in Hollywood.

The year after graduating, Polly shot 4 micro budget features and the following year, shot a small budget independent feature THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. This led Polly to shoot independent features for the next few years, THE PRETTY ONE, WE’LL NEVER HAVE PARIS, THE INTERVENTION, SLUMBER, 6 BALLOONS and SPINNING MAN.

Polly combined the narrative features with documentaries such as HOLY HELL and Television Drama. She started off shooting dramas for the BBC, CALL THE MIDWIFE, FROM DARKNESS and THE A WORD, before moving into American television, shooting shows such as FX’s LEGION and CBS’s STRANGE ANGEL.  

After working on LEGION with Show Runner and Creator, Noah Hawley, he invited her to shoot his first Feature, LUCY IN THE SKY for Fox Searchlight in 2018. Polly followed this up with A QUIET PLACE, PART II in 2019.

Polly was named one of Variety’s Ten Cinematographers to Watch in 2016 and was invited to join the BSC that same year. In 2018, Polly became a member of the ASC, becoming the first and only women to be a member in both societies. In 2019, Polly received an ASC nomination for Best Cinematography in Commercial Television for the work on FX’s LEGION.



Junkie, Venom, Dead Inside, Rock Jocks, The Truth About Emanuel, The Pretty One, We’ll Never Have Paris, Holy Hell, Call The Midwife, From Darkness, The A Word, Slumber, The Intervention, 6 Balloons, Spinning Man, Legion, Lucy In The Sky, Strange Angel, A Quiet Place Park II



Best Cinematography Brooklyn Film Festival “The Truth About Emanuel”

Gerald Hirschfeld ASC Cinematography Award  The Truth About Emanuel”

Nominee ASC Award for Best Cinematography in Episode of Commercial Television “Legion: Chapter 23”