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Felix Wiedemann BSC

Category: Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

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Agent UK: ECHO Artists / Ellie Cook
Agent US: ICM Partners / Ann Murphy

Felix was born in 1982, he grew up in the rural alpine area Allgäu of southern Germany. He discovered his love for filmmaking in his early 20s, a eureka moment was cutting together various shots taken with his parents' camcorder and seeing how their juxtaposition created associations beyond the pictures. Hooked on the creative and imaginative possibilities of filmmaking, but living far from anyone working in the industry, Felix started making shortfilms with friends and family. Entirely self taught at the time, he read any book he could find and watched his favourite films without sound - to study the shots, compositions and angles in the flow of the edit.

After internships at the Munich Film Laboratories and Bavarian Television, Felix embarked on a more 'traditional' education studying Computer Science at University, but he continued working on his shortfilms whenever he could. Realising that his heart and passion was in visual storytelling he applied for the National Film and Television School Cinematography course.


Felix studied at the NFTS from 2007 under the mentorship of Brian Tufano BSC, whose open minded and fearless approach to storytelling was a huge inspiration. Other highly influential classes where taught by Stuart Harris, Jonathan Harris, Sean Bobbit BSC and Roger Deakins BSC.

During filmschool Felix shot numerous short films, his early breaks after graduating were the feature film Anuvahood (2010) and the TV Drama Misfits (Season 3, 2011).


In 2012 Felix photographed the low budget TV Drama My Murder, based on the the tragic murder of Shakilus Townsend. The project was directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Bruce Goodison, the visual approach was to be authentic but expressionistic. Winning awards and critical acclaim the project created more opportunities for Felix to work on Feature Films and TV Drama in the UK and internationally.


Felix has been building creative partnerships with a variety of collaborators, like the directors Julian Jarrold, Pete Travis and Bruce Goodison. First projects with Pete Travis were the cold war spy thriller Legacy (2013), which was nominated for the BSC Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Drama, followed by The Go-Between (2015), an evocative adaptation of the novel by JP Hartley, which won the BSC Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Drama. Felix was suggested for BSC Membership by Robin Vidgeon BSC and Andy Cooper and joined the society in 2017.


Felix' recent credits include City of Tiny Lights (Dir. Pete Travis) a neon lit neo noir thriller set in London, the suspenseful The Witness for the Prosecution (Dir: Julian Jarrold, Nominated for BSC Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Drama) and Sulphur and White (Dir. Julian Jarrold), an unflinching abuse drama. Recently Felix photographed the Netflix Original Drama Behind Her Eyes (Dir. Erik Richter Strand), a psychological thriller based on the bestselling novel by Sara Pinborough.


BSC BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A TV DRAMA AWARD (2016): The Go Between (Dir. Pete Travis)


BSC BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A TV DRAMA NOMINATION (2017): The Witness For The Prosecution (Dir. Julian Jarrold)



Behind Her Eyes

Sulphur and White


City of Tiny Lights


The Witness For The Prosecution

The Go-Between