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Gavin Struthers ASC BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Gavin Struthers ASC BSC

From a young age Struthers spent all his spare time painting, drawing and taking photographs. He learnt how to develop and print negatives in a makeshift darkroom in the family bathroom. This early work taught Struthers about lighting, exposure and how composition can focus a subject beyond the limitations of its frame. He would continue his creative studies in Graphics, Fine Art and Photography at UCA (UK) where he first discovered video cameras.

In 1992, Struthers read for a degree in Media and Design at Portsmouth University. Here he gravitated towards the art of Cinematography and spent his time lighting and shooting graduation films. After leaving University Struthers developed a documentary idea entitled “Rescue: Four Day’s in August”, which was commissioned by Channel 4 and produced in the summer of 1997 under the Cutting Edge strand (dir. Malcolm Brinkworth)

Following three years at the National Film & TV School, during which he was mentored by the late Freddie Francis BSC, Struthers began a career as a Cinematographer in 2000. He returned to documentary, working for the BBC on award winning content such as Welcome to Britain, Your Life in their Hands and Trading Ages, before crossing to drama and photographing Night & Day(2002), Dream Team (2003), and Shameless (2005). Between 2005 and 2008 Struthers photographed two movies on s35mm. The first, Young Alexander The Great was shot entirely on location in Egypt, and the second, Outpost, in Glasgow.

In 2009 Struthers was offered the BBC period drama Garrow’s Law by director Ashley Pearce. This proved to be a pivotal project resulting in them re-teaming a year later on Downton Abbey Season 2 for ITV (2010). Struthers has continued to work with talented directors & producers notably director Alik Sakharov (Black Sails 2015-2017, Marco Polo 2016, The Witcher 2019), and producer Chris Symes (Black Sails 2015-2017, The Alienist 2018).

Struthers was invited to join the ASC in 2016 and became a member of the BSC in 2018 proposed by Chris Seager BSC , John Daly BSC and Haris Zambaloukos BSC GSC. He has held Masterclasses in Cinematography in both London and Olso (for the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers)

Other credits include:

Endeavour (Pilot) (2012), Shetland (Pilot) (2013), Halo - Nightfall (2014), Nightflyers (2018), The Rook (2019) and Charming The Hearts of Men (2020)