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Born in South Africa, Dan Mindel ASC BSC SASC, studied in Australia and in Britain.

He began his career as a camera loader before becoming a clapper loader and assistant cameraman on John Boorman's 1985 film, THE EMERALD FOREST, under French cinematographer Philippe Rousselot.

Around that time, he also began working on commercials and was fortunate to come to the attention of directors such as Ridley and Tony Scott, who quickly recognized his talent and dedication. Soon after, he moved to the United States and continued progressing in the camera department by working as first assistant cameraman and camera operator on feature films directed by either Tony or Ridley Scott, including THELMA & LOUISE and CRIMSON TIDE.

In 1997, Ridley Scott asked Mindel to be the second unit director of photography on his film G.I. Jane, and this opened the door for him to become Director of Photography on Tony Scott's 1998 action-thriller, Enemy of the State.

He received a great deal of attention for his unique approach, and fresh visual style, and as the first film for which he received Director of Photography credit, ENEMY OF THE STATE was an exciting turning point in Mindel’s career. Many new doors began to open, and his services have been in high demand ever since!

Mindel’s work with Tony Scott on films such as SPY GAME and DOMINO allowed him to enlarge his visual palette and break new ground through experimentation and innovation.   

For example, their use of equipment from both the past and present, i.e., period hand crank cameras, “cross process reversal stock” and HD cameras, all in places that were nearly impossible to light, helped create a unique and groundbreaking, “kinetic” look.

In 2006, director J. J. Abrams selected Mindel to be director of photography on Mission: Impossible III, and that was the beginning of another exciting, and extremely successful creative alliance. Most recently, Mindel lensed STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, which marks his fifth collaboration with Abrams after previously working on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, STAR TREK, and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III.

Mindel’s other credits include PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING, THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX, ZOOLANDER 2, Marc Webb’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, Oliver Stone’s SAVAGES, Andrew Stanton’s JOHN CARTER, Iain Softley’s THE SKELETON KEY, and the Jackie Chan starrer SHANGHAI NOON.

Mindel has been a Member of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) since 2008, and the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) since 2010, and he was recently named Cinematographer-In-Residence at the UCLA School Of Theater, Film & Television

Mindel currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Lisa and they are the proud parents of their four grown children, Lily, Molly, Eden, and Sam….