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Tony Slater Ling BSC

Category: Full Accredited

Role: Director of Photography

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Born Manchester.

I’ve always been interested in cinema. I told everyone from an early age I would work in Film and TV even though there was no family link to the profession. I thought I’d be an actor.

I became interested in cinematography at university studying Theatre, when I started to teach myself photography and making short films. Looking back at my early interest in films I realised my true passion and interest was the cinematography.

Upon graduation in 1990 I won 1 of 4 places at Channel 4 to train in Film production.

During that time you needed a union ticket to work as an assistant, I gained my union ticket on the film “Naked”, shot by Dick Pope BSC after the film went into a hiatus and the clapper loader had to leave because of another commitment. Dick promoted me from trainee to clapper/loader. Union membership in hand I then worked on many and varied productions as a clapper/loader. During that time I met David Odd BSC and he recognised a passion and potential in me and gave me huge breaks shooting 2nd Unit and operating B camera.

Whilst shooting an opening sequence for a project being photographed by David, I met Producer Emma Burge, she loved what I shot and offered me a new TV show called Shameless, that became successful and I shot 3 seasons.

My mentor was David Odd BSC, still my closest friend and still my mentor, a true individual and generous spirit. He proposed me for membership of the BSC and I became a full time member on 18th July 2014. I consider this one of my greatest achievements.

My key collaborators are Director Jonny Campbell and Director Adrian Shergold.

I met Jonny on Shameless and we continue to try and work together when possible. We have a great shorthand and similar aesthetics. 

I first met Adrian as an Assistant and Operator on projects with David Odd BSC. Over the years I became his key collaborator, we again have a great shorthand. Both Directors are brilliant collaborators and both push me technically and creatively. 

RTS Craft Award “In The Flesh” 2013

EIFF Trailblazer Award 2008

RTS Craft & Design Award Nominee “Shameless” 2004


Dracula. TV series 

Funny Cow. Feature 

Summer. Feature

Informer. TV series 

Mad Dogs. TV series

In The Flesh. TV series 

Lucan. TV feature

Eric and Ernie. TV series