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Nigel Stone BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Nigel Stone BSC

Nigel was born in Bilston, Staffordshire in 1957. He qualified as a graphic artist at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic in 1979, but with the help of a tutor, Peter Leake, they had turned the degree into an unofficial film course. Nigel then successfully applied to the National Film School at Beaconsfield, graduating in 1982 alongside other future BSC members, Sue Gibson & Martin Fuhrer.

On a day visit to Pinewood in 1980, while “Superman II” was being filmed, Nigel watched the model unit working on the studio backlot. This was his first meeting with Paul Wilson, BSC and the director, Derek Meddings. Nigel would later act as model unit runner for Paul on “Dark Crystal” in 1981, then the following summer began full-time as Paul’s clapper-loader on the “Krull” model unit back at Pinewood, working alongside operator John Morgan and the future ASC member, Jonathan Taylor. Challenging days of 35mm in-camera, multi-pass effects photography and VistaVision plates.

Four BSC members were important mentors; Paul Wilson, Roy Field, Roy Moores & Jim Body – then, also throw into that mix, the artistry of Derek Meddings. Nigel would alternate between filming on the floor and then working in post-production to help put that same material together.

It was a big decision to leave Paul Wilson’s crew and follow Derek to his newly formed Meddings Magic Camera Company, at Shepperton, in 1988. Derek assembled such a mix of inspiring talents, that most went on to become Heads of Departments in each of their specialist fields. Crucially, it was also a chance to start lighting. This culminated with being offered his first feature film as model unit DoP on “The Adventures of Pinocchio” in 1995.

Nigel has now shot visual effects and model work on over 50 feature films, including being part of the Harry Potter franchise from “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001 onwards. Nigel usually works alongside the model supervisor/ producer, José Granell, at the Magic Camera Company - a friendship & working partnership that goes back over 35 years. Nigel was nominated for BSC membership by Paul Wilson, BSC and accepted into the Society by the Board in 2002.


Memorable moments include:

Clapper-loading for David Lean on tests for his film-that-never-was, “Nostromo”, in ca 1987.

Using motion control for the first time in 1982, all the move data stored back then on micro cassettes.

Shooting the “Hamlet” model unit, including motion control, on 65mm film in 1996.

Filming on the runway at Hatfield for “Band of Brothers” in June 2000, on the same night air crews had left the aerodrome to an uncertain fate for the D-Day landings in 1944.



BAFTA, TV Visual Effects, “Gormenghast” 2000

BSC Charles Staffell Visual Effects Award 2007



Two Prime Time Emmy Visual Effects, “Band of Brothers”, Episodes 2 & 4, 2001

Visual Effects Society, Outstanding Models & Miniatures, “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban” 2005

Visual Effects Society, Outstanding Models & Miniatures, “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire” 2006

Visual Effects Society, Outstanding Models & Miniatures, “V for Vendetta” 2007

Visual Effects Society, Outstanding Models & Miniatures, “Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix” 2008