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Clive Tickner BSC

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Role: Director of Photography

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Clive Tickner BSC


Clive Tickner was born in December 1943.

He studied sculpture at Hornsey College of Art followed by a one-year film course.

Started as a runner on Peter Brooke's Vietnam movie ("Tell me Lies"). 1968

Shot the 'film of the film' for French director Jean Luc Godard, on the Rolling Stones. "One Plus One", 1968.

1970's; formed a small company, Lusia Film's with Lord Henry Herbert and Richard Mordaunt; making 16mm documentaries, and TV "Swinging London" shows for Australian TV.

Shot for UK TV's "World in Action".

At the same time being runner, loader, focus then operator for Ian Wilson BSC on prestige documentaries and dramas.

Shot 2nd unit on 'Velvet House' and first feature "No Turning Back"

1980's Operator for Chris Menges on Stephen Frears' "Bloody Kids".

Shot feature "All the Advantages" and CFFC's "The Johnstown Monster".

also "Big Wheels and Sailor".

Shot three features for Sir Richard Eyre. "Ploughman's Lunch, "Laughterhouse" and "Loose Connections".

Later shot various features from Twelfth Night" with Trevor Nunn, to horror movies, such as "Split Second" and to conventional thrillers like "Voyage" with

John Mackenzie, and the Cannes Film Festival award winning political thriller, "Hidden Agenda" directed by Ken Loach.

1990's and 2000; Joined the agents CCA, now MMM who got me seriously into shooting commercials, which I continue to do to this day.

Shot hundreds of music videos for many famous bands.

Shot TV drama; "Inspector Morse", "Ivanhoe", "The Borrows" (BAFTA winner), "Traffic" ( BAFTA winner).

Shot features for Disney in Europe, ("The Whipping Boy") and in Hollywood; both the Sci-Fi movie "The Puppet Masters" with Donald Sutherland, and the romantic comedy “Trust Me”. Also shot in the UK with American stars in films like "Loch Ness" and "Leprechauns".

Elected to the British Society of Cameramen in 1990, and President for the term 2000 to 2002.

2010's Several short films, commercials, videos, and features include "Tooth" and an American feature in Kiev "The Last Moscal".