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Peter Cavaciuti Assoc BSC

Category: Associates

Role: Camera Operator

Website: IMDb

Peter was born in North London, to an Irish mother and father of Italian heritage. His father was an ex coal miner in South Wales who learnt to repair and drive tanks in the REME Corps during WW2 leading to a life long career as an excavator driver for Mowlem’s until his retirement, his mother initially worked in service when she emigrated to the UK at 17 years of age until she found work at Smith’s clocks in Cricklewood, North London; where during the war she made timing mechanisms for bombs often on nights as German bombs fell around her, until she stopped work on Peter’s birth.

Peter had a passion for drawing as a child which later led him to Art College in Hornsey, where his love of film blossomed and in turn led to him to Liverpool as a trainee on the TV soap opera Brookside, which was a stepping stone in to the film business. Peter has been fortunate enough to work with Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese and William Friedkin , some of the filmmakers he studied at Art College that gave him the inspiration and passion to follow his path into film-making from a working class background. Peter has recently worked with Denis Villeneuve on Blade Runner 2049 & Sam Mendes on Skyfall & 1917. Peter is primarily an A Camera / Steadicam Operator .