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Diana Thomson FRBS

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Role: Honorary Friend of the BSC



Diana Thomson is a sculptor who studied at Kingston Polytechnic (now University) Sculpture Department, obtaining a BA in Fine Art. She has also written two film screenplays and some poetry.

Shortly after leaving art college, she was commissioned to make several large sculptures, one of which, ‘Father and Child’, was shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1982. Another is a life-size homage to D.H. Lawrence sited at Nottingham University.

Married to the Oscar-nominated cinematographer, Alex Thomson, for 44 years, she has one daughter, Chyna. She wrote and illustrated this book not only for her grandchildren, Albie and Freya, but also for all children, in the hope they will have a future in a less polluted world.

It was devastating when Alex died in 2007, so she decided to work with watercolour to cheer herself up. Influenced by the art in the Etruscan Tombs she had recently visited, she found herself painting a boy and a dog, diving into a pool of water. Once in the painting, they would not go away, and she was compelled to tell their story.

Since leaving art college, she has practised life-drawing continuously, and she is now working on coloured figurative sculpture, inspired by the lively Minoan Art of Crete.

Wife of the much loved Alex Thomson BSC, who served as President of the Society  between 1980-1982, Diana Thomson FRBS was elected an Honorary Friend of the BSC for all her help and support over the years.

She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors.


Below is Diana pictured at the unveiling of her bronze of William Friese-Green at Shepperton Studios on 15th January 1999, alongside Freddie Francis BSC who was acting President at that time. 

There are three other busts of William Friese-Greene sited at Pinewood Studios, Panavision Greenford and Panavision Woodland Hills California.

Click Here to see Diana’s portfolio on the RBS site.


William Friese-Green bronze