February 8, 2016


The BSC EXPO 2017 will take place on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February 2017 at Battersea Evolution.

The Expo showcases the latest products and services available to the film and tv production industry.

Watch the 2016 vimeos below to learn more about this exciting show.

BSC Expo 2016

With a break from tradition on 29th and 30th January we staged the show at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park this year which achieved a record footfall and proved a hugely popular venue with the Exhibitors and Attendees.

We were delighted to welcome Ed Lachman ASC, recently Oscar and BAFTA nominated for his cinematography of ‘Carol’ to the show. On the Friday Producers joined the BSC cinematographers to enjoy the panels and lunchtime drinks kindly sponsored by ARRI.

In addition to exhibitor seminars the BSC staged the following three seminars at the Expo which will shortly be available to view on this site. In the meantime, enjoy the Expo Vimeo:

BSC EXPO SHOW 2016 Richard Blanshard from BSC on Vimeo.


BSC Panels

‘The Aesthetics of Film & Digital’ – BSC Panel
John de Borman BSC, Ed Lachman ASC , Dick Pope BSC and Chris Ross BSC
discussing the aesthetics of filming on celluloid and digitally. Looking at the beauty of both formats and their suitability for the script.

‘Creativity through Discipline in Digital film making’ – BSC Panel
Intro: Nigel Walters BSC. Mediator: Ron Prince (Editor, British Cinematographer Mag)
Panellists: Iain Smith OBE (Producer), Ben Smithard BSC & Franz Pagot AIC (Cinematographers), Andrew Bird (Editor), Harriet Cox (Educationalist)
A broad discussion involving industry professionals on improving creativity through examining aesthetic and financial options in restoring discipline in digital film making.

‘HDR Viewed from the Cinematographers’ Perspective’
– BSC Panel
Cinematographers: Nic Morris BSC, Nic Knowland BSC, Florian Martin (Colourist),
Prinyar Boon and Ian Lowe (Dolby)

Comment below.

Thank you for putting on such a magnificent show. It was fantastic this year and the venue was superb. And I should also add that the location and transport arrangements were excellent. The shuttle from Sloane Square worked a treat and it was a joy not having to drive.
Tim Palmer BSC

It was a great show today, the venue was really good I thought.
Daniel Landin BSC

I really enjoyed the seminar, it was a very humbling experience to see so many of my favourite cinematographers in the audience listening to my words!
Please pass on my sincere appreciation to everyone at the BSC, and I cannot stress enough what an honour it was to be on such wonderful panel in front of professionals who have been my heroes since I started.
Franz Pagot AIC MBKS

Thank you once again for a great show! Thank you again and see you in Bydgoszcz!
Dariusz Wyczolkowski – Camerimage

I really wanted to congratulate you and your team for a great show. If you had doubt about the venue, I think you have your answer now.
Marc Galerne – K5600

I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent BSC Expo.
In my opinion, and from what I heard the opinion of many, the event was a great success.
The Venue was great and the venue staff were friendly and helpful.
Well done – that is how trade shows should be done.
Peter Daffarn – Photon Beard Ltd

I would like to congratulate you on a very successful and well managed exhibition. The new venue is very good and I hope you can stay there for many more events. The level of interest to the GTC was very high and, hopefully, will result in the signing on of quite a few new members.
Ray Meier – The Guild of TV Cameramen

The exhibition has finally really come of age.
……….What an overwhelming experience the exhibition was. So much better than a studio. Easy to get to, with loads of transport available.The Exhibitors were really a good mix and all were reporting keen interest and in 2 booths sales were made and all before 1pm. Great stuff! Super seating and food facilities with space to sit with old friends or even do biz!
Tony Covell – LEQ Ltd.

Many congratulations
Great show.
Look forward to further collaboration in the future.
George Olver – Co-founder Movidiam

Just to say we thought it was a great BSC Show with lots of real interest and a good buzzy vibe through-out. I guess there were some initial reservations about the new venue but it seemed to work really well there so many thanks for the opportunity to be involved.
Nigel Horn – idaillies

Thank you again for a wonderful event! We very much enjoyed the show and I thought the venue was great! My colleague Rainer had done the show in past years with Codex and he also felt that the Battersea location was a great improvement for ease of setup and getting to. We had a good turnout and were happy with the attendance. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
Seth – CW Sonderoptic GmbH

I hope all is well with you, sorry not to catch up with you at the BSC Expo, which I thought was excellent. I personally liked the new location and I would be interested to know if you had similar positive feedback, I hope so.
Philip Sindall ACO, Assoc. BSC

Just want to let you know that last BSC show was great. We met a lot of people, all was quite well organized but most of all the venue was excellent. I could leave the car very close to the booth so brochure etc, could stay there in reserve. The Battersea Evolution is for me the perfect spot for such size an event and I urge you to continue there for the next years.
Many exhibitors shared that opinion of mine.
Best regards
Florian Granderath
CaSu – Camera Support Granderath