January 4, 2017

Update from the Set - Paul Sarossy CSC BSC on ‘TIN STAR’

Paul Sarossy CSC BSC has been filming TIN STAR (Sky Atlantic) starring Tim Roth, which wrapped just before Christmas.   Shot in Calgary Alberta, here is a picture of the Camera Team.

L to R: top row:  Carey Toner ("A" op), Cherise Keown ("B" 2nd), Arthur Lefroy(trainee), Carly Stinn ("A" 2nd), Meghan Consenzo (video playback), Danny Quesnel (DIT), Regan Enderl ("B" op).

L to R: seated:  Cory Budney ("B" AC), Paul Sarossy, Nicholas McKenzie ("A" AC).

Absent: Dale McCready (alternating DP).