January 24, 2017

Expo news


The BSC Expo took place on the 2nd and 3rd February 2018.

You can view the Expo Film shot by Richard Blanshard, here: 

BSC Expo 2018 Film from BSC on Vimeo.

All the BSC seminar presentations from 2018 can be viewed below. 

BSC Expo Panel 'The Good, the bad and the Beautiful' from BSC on Vimeo.

BSC Expo 2019 - 1st and 2nd February @ Battersea Evolution


News from the 2017 Expo

A wealth of exciting innovations and engaging presentations were enjoyed by the 4051 visitors to the BSC Expo two day show last Friday and Saturday at Battersea Evolution.   Amazing attendance of really high quality film personnel and a good mix of newcomers and students. It was a treat to see the look of wonder and excitement on the faces of enthusiasts and professionals, young and old, as they toured the exhibits and enjoyed the seminars. 

The atmosphere was electric as 350 flooded into the 200 seater BSC Expo Seminar Theatre on Saturday to enjoy The Shots That Challenge Us presentation.   Our thanks to Bradford Young ASC, Rob Hardy BSC, Chris Ross BSC, Ula Pontikos BSC and moderator John de Borman BSC for their enlightening and inspiring insight into the technical and emotional challenges they face. A recording of this panel, along with others, can be enjoyed on the BSC site in the near future.

Thanks also to Mike Valentine BSC for his thrilling and engaging presentation of ‘Cinema H20’ – Underwater Cinematography earlier in the day, and to Iain Softley, David Monk, Nic Knowland BSC, Mike Eley BSC, Paul Collard, Greg Fisher and Mike Bradbury for their illuminating presentation on the BSC/EDCF Panel. Their informative discussion opened up an important discourse around the challenges of  Retaining the Vision from set to screen.

You can view all the BSC presentations here: 





Click here to see photos from the Expo

You can watch the footage from the Expo courtesy of Richard Blanshard here: https://vimeo.com/203168650