May 24, 2017

BSC Best Cinematography in a Theatrical Release - Nominations

The British Society of Cinematographers are delighted to announce the nominations for this year’s BSC Best Cinematography in a Theatrical Release Award.  

Congratulations to all on their well deserved nominations.

 Bradford Young ASC for ‘Arrival'

Linus Sandgren FSF for ‘La La Land’

 Greig Frasier ASC ACS for ‘Lion’

James Laxton for ‘Moonlight’

Seamus McGarvey ASC BSC for ‘Nocturnal Animals’


Only voting members can log in to the BSC website and go to the Awards section to vote.

Voting is strictly limited to Full, Full Honorary, Associate and Associate Honorary members

The announcement of the winner and the award presentation will take place at the BSC Annual Summer Lunch at Pinewood Studios on Sunday 16th July.