September 26, 2017



The photograph above from the launch shows (from left to right):

Kate Dickie (Actor) Sophie Fiennes (Documentary Director) Nina Kellgren BSC (Director of Photography) Renee Glynne (Script Supervisor) Heather Stewart (BFI Creative Director) and Gurinder Chadha (Director)


On 20 September, the BFI launched its “Filmography” the world’s first complete and accurate living record of UK cinema. It is an ever-expanding record that draws on credits from over 10,000 films, from the first UK film released in cinemas in 1911 through to present day, and charts the 250,000 cast and crew behind them.

Heather Stewart BFI Creative Director said:

“With the creation of the BFI Filmography with a complete set of data from 1911 to the present day, we now know for the first time ever, exactly how many films have been made and released, when and by whom. At a time when the UK film industry is burgeoning, the BFI Filmography is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in film, providing evidence that can help inform policy, the future of the industry and its workforce.”

The website is at 

At the launch meeting, the focus was on the contribution of women to the industry and Nina Kellgren BSC was named as the most prolific  female director of photography in the history of UK feature films.