October 31, 2017

IAGA/ Imago Awards Helsinki 2017


The first International Awards for cinematography chosen by an International panel of cinematographers from five continents was the highlight of a memorable event in Helsinki celebrating the twenty-fifth Anniversary of Imago.

Earlier at the Annual IAGA the Societies of Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Peru were welcomed as new members, bringing the membership of Imago to 53 worldwide.

L-R Roger Simonsz BSC, Nina Kellgren BSC - Imago Vice President, Nigel Walters BSC Vice President

The results of this inaugural Awards ceremony were a triumph for the BSC nominees with Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC winning the Best cinematography in a feature film and Fabian Wagner BSC ASC for the best television Drama, Game of Thrones. Seamus’s victory for Nocturnal Animals over the cinematography of La La Land was a surprising result. There was a clear majority on the jury.

The first Imago International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement was shared between Joe Dunton BSC and Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF. In his acceptance speech Joe paid tribute to Harvey Harrison BSC and the late Paul Beeson BSC who represented the British Society at the birth of Imago.  Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF is giving a presentation on VR at the BSC show next February 2-3rd.

             Joe Dunton MBE BSC wins the Imago Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement 



                     Nina Kellgren BSC and Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF  

The lifetime Achievement Award was given to Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC who inspired the BSC, BVK and AFC to join the Italians in 1992, the formation of Imago. The Award for the Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinema was also greeted with deserved applause. It went to Marek Zydowicz, the director and founder a quarter of a century earlier of Camerimage Film Festival.

The Best Cinematography in Documentary Film Award went to the talented Lukas Zal PSC for Icon.  A graduate of Lodz Film School he shared an Oscar in 2004 with Ryszard Lenczewski PSC for the memorable film, Ida.

The Emerging Talent in Cinematography Award went to Danil Fomichev for the Russian feature with the impressively named “How Victor, The Garlic, took Alexey, The Stud, to the Nursing Home.” Danil won a similar Award earlier at the Manaki Film Festival.

Imago has come of age through the success of Helsinki. The event marked the end of a dream of a truly global Federation. It marked the beginning of a fresh dream with new opportunities. The BSC can be proud of its support.  Arri celebrating their centenary and the other sponsors are to be congratulated and thanked for their faith in the Federation. There can be few of the 240 present who were not impressed by the spirit of friendship. The event resembled a family reunion.

The idea for the Awards Ceremony was inspired by the Australian President Ron Johanson OAM ACS. The member of the Board representing countries outside Europe, he persuaded his Board that an event which had brought success for the Australians could do the same for Imago. His influence was instrumental in finally persuading some European Societies that International friendship and collaboration transcends frontiers.

The small Finnish Society were responsible for the superb arrangements. At the helm was their President Tahvo Hirvonen FSC who more than deserved his own award. The next IAGA and Awards Ceremony are in Serbia, early in 2019. Finland will be a hard act to follow.  DNW