April 10, 2018

Updates from the set - Adam Suschitzky BSC on 'Fear The Walking Dead'


Adam Suschitzky BSC (frame right) with the director of episode 404, Magnus Martens (frame left), A camera operator, Craig Cockeril (hidden frame left) and B camera/steadicam operator Juan Ramos (centre frame in cap).

A note from Adam: 

Now in it’s fourth season, Fear The Walking Dead for AMC has rebooted the show this year in a number of ways. It has moved from Mexico to Austin Texas, they’ve brought over from The Walking Dead one of the original cast members, Lennie James, along with a long time creative member of that team, Michael Satrezemis who had been both the DOP and director on that show and is now the producing director on Fear. I am alternating episodes with another DOP called Cort Fey. He and I designed the new look of this season with an emphasis on a more retro style image, with grain and employing older spherical lenses from TLS. I photographed the opening of the season and have been shooting thereafter the even episodes, while Cort has helmed the odd numbered episodes.