August 31, 2018



There is a wealth of funds awaiting a claim from Cinematographers due residuals.  

In some European countries authors (rightsholders) of films and television programmes are entitled to payment when their work is transmitted from broadcast channels or the internet, rented or used for educational purposes. The authors of a production (or a specific element of a production) are usually recognised as being the writer, director and composer but in some countries it can also include the cinematographer, the editor and designers – the craft rightsholders.

Screen Craft Rights very efficiently distributes these on behalf of cinematographers, editors and designers. 

We urge you to click on the highlighted SCR link above to view the unclaimed residuals they are attempting to  trace in the ‘Do You Know’ section.  If you have contact with anyone within these lists, please do encourage them to enrol. And note with regard to those no longer with us in the list, beneficiaries of their estates are eligible to claim.

If you are cinematographer, with a main or shared cinematographer credit on any television dramas or documentaries that you know are broadcast in countries covered by the SCR agreements (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia) it is worth your while registering with SCR, as there is no cost to do so, a one off enrolment fee of £35 would only be deducted from any initial payment to you, if and when one of your productions is transmitted within these eligible countries.