January 7, 2019

BSC EXPO 1st & 2nd February 2019


BSC Expo 2019 – Tim Palmer BSC

There is always a great sense of anticipation when walking through the doors of Battersea Evolution for BSC Expo. What am I going to see? Who am I going to meet? What will I learn? Most importantly there is pride in the fact that as part of the BSC we are instrumental in putting on an event that has become the high water mark in the calendars of cinematographers and cine equipment manufacturers and rental houses worldwide.

Expo 2019 did not disappoint. The list of exhibitors continues to grow every year and visitors to Expo are privileged to have access to such a variety of camera, lighting, grips and accessory suppliers and manufacturers under one roof. Panavision was showing options for its DXL2 camera. Arri GB was demonstrating its full range of cameras including the new LF and associated lenses. Panasonic had its exciting new yet to be released full frame mirrorless S1 and S1R on display. For avid photographer/cinematographers, the S1 could be the holy grail of personal film and stills shooters.

This is a miniscule selection of what was on display but highlights the diversity and range of equipment on offer with so much to appeal to anybody working in, studying or simply curious about our industry.

What has always been a standout feature of the BSC Expo is its program of seminars. Here, cinematographers, technical consultants and post production specialists get together to discuss their work, new technologies and working practices in front of an audience. The first day had talks from Kino Flo on LED colour science, Panavision on HDR and Sony introducing its Venice camera.

The big event of day two in the seminar room was Roger Deakins BSC. How lucky were we all to be granted an audience with such an eminent cinematographer. His musings, anecdotes and self-analysis provided an essential insight into a style of lighting and camerawork that has inspired a generation of cinematographers.

Alongside all of this Expo is a great social event. You cannot move three feet without bumping into old friends and colleagues. Friendships are rekindled, work opportunities unexpected arise, opinions about new equipment are discussed and argued about, stories are swapped and all in all BSC Expo becomes a wonderful celebration of the art and craft of cinematography.  


This year the BSC celebrates its Seventieth Birthday. It is a special year for us and we want to celebrate the past and continue the ideals that our founding fathers held when they created the British Society of Cinematographers. First and foremost we are a society and our aim is to be social, to meet and talk and share ideas and thoughts. The BSC Expo is  much more than a place to to showcase the latest developments in the Art and Craft of Cinematography. It is a rare opportunity for our community to meet under one roof. Although the BSC hosts numerous events ranging from Q&As to Awards Nights nothing quite unites all those working or interested in Cinematography quite like the Expo. There is something quite spine tingling when you walk in.. so many toys, so many people.. it does make you excited about our craft… it makes you feel this is a passion not a career. So please all are welcome, please join in.

Haris Zambarloukos BSC GSC - Vice President

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