August 4, 2019

Submit a short to 'BSC Emerging Cinematographers Night'


EMERGING CINEMATOGRAPHERS Short Film Award with an additional competition of BSC STUDENT/GRADUATE (within 2 years) Short Film Award.


  • Submission is free
  • Films to be approximately 15 minutes or less
  • One entry per person
  • Films will have been produced within the past 18 months to date
  • Projects should be submitted digitally (w/site addresses and passwords) at the best possible quality (minimum HD) - download enabled
  • Student/Graduates must be within 2 years of Graduating
  • Both competitions open to BSC Club Members only - not a member? Sign up here
  • Specify which competition you are entering
  • Previous winners not eligible to submit

Complete the registration form - Download Here


The selected films will be screened on Monday 14th October 2019 at a London cinema. 

The Emerging Cinematographer award camera package based on ALEXA Mini LF and Signature Prime lenses for a week and 

to the Student Cinematographer camera package based on ALEXA Mini and Master Anamorphic or Signature Prime lenses for a week.


The awards to be claimed before Emerging Cinematographers Night 2020.


Event kindly sponsored by ARRI