September 1, 2019

Five Million Pounds received by Screen Craft Rights


Over 5 million pounds has been received by Screen Craft Rights since the first distribution was made in November 2011. Almost half a million pounds remains unclaimed despite the membership currently standing at 1500.  Originally established though co-operation between BECTU, the BSC, the GBCT and the Editors Guild, SCR now collects from eligible craft-holders including Production, Costume and Make-up Designers all of whom are represented on the Board.

The Chief Executive, Suzan Dormer is expecting to finalise the next distribution of one million pounds by the end of the year. Money is still awaited from the German Bild Kunst. It will include for the first time Switzerland. Since distributions began the highest an individual member has received is over £52,000. 51 members have received over £10,000, 140 between £5,000 and £10,000, whilst 610 have benefited between £1,000 and £5,000. There are 584 cinematographer members including some members of the Guild of Television Cameramen.

The most recent distribution included almost 1000 payments. Collating this is a task requiring patience and knowledge qualities not alien to Suzan Dormer. Money collected for non-members from Europe is returned to the members fund and added to the next distribution from that country after three years. After four years allocation money allocated to an unidentifiable work is returned to the members fund.  After five years money allocated to a non-member is also returned to the members fund. A small amount is held back for a further two years in case any non-members registers.

News of the fate of these EU distributions following the threatened No-Deal Brexit fiasco may be available by the time of the Annhual General Meeting which will be in Central London on November 20th. 

Nigel Walters BSC Vice President