March 21, 2020

Norwegian Solution to immediate future


Following his return to Norway the Imago President Paul-Rene Roestad FNF has written to Societies the following message: “After important work done by the different cultural Unions and also by the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers, Norway has implemented new regulations which will secure the income of all artists, self-employed and freelancers, who will get 80% of their salary covered by the Government after 17 days quarantine, a salary which will be based on an average monthly income over the last three years. Not everyone has the same economic safety as Scandinavia, but IMAGO wishes to work with all our member Societies to make sure your Governments and Ministers are informed about the critical situation many independent authors, artists and film colleagues will be in shortly. It will be of utmost importance for national Governments to understand the need for granting special support packages to the film and culture sector in their country to secure their adequate survival in the months ahead. If this is not done in an adequate and satisfactory way, it will cause damaging and lasting negative implications for the whole film and culture sector of their countries which may take years to recover.”