March 23, 2020

Helicopter Film Services

News from Jeremy and his crew at Helicopter Film Services includes the following:-

They have just wrapped on “The Eternals”, “Cruella”, “The Dig” and “The Midnight Sky”

Lately, we have seen some interesting developments in the world of production, with Helicopter Film Services (HFS) in the spotlight in helping lift aerial filming to greater creative heights. Indeed, celebrations are due after Avengers Endgame - one of its recent projects - was nominated for both an Oscar (Visual Effects) and a BAFTA (Special Visual Effects).

 Such nominations are achieved by helping directors capture ever more impressive sequences, but also by launching new technology. Speaking from the company’s aerodrome basein West London, Helicopter Film Services’ CEO, Jeremy Braben (Assoc. BSC) notes: “Our team of creative technical experts is helping directors and producers achieve their dream aerial sequences using the best available technology – and when optimal technology isn’t there, we’ll go and develop it ourselves!”

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