July 10, 2020

ASPEC Phase 2

Update to the Phase 1, 10 Point Action Plan, for a Safe 'Return to Work'

PHASE 2: 10 Point Plan UPDATE at 6th July 2020

List of A.S.P.E.C. member companies:- Aardman Features Ltd, Alpha Grip, ARRI Rental, Camera Revolution, Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd, Elstree Light & Power, Island Studios, Movietech, NBCUniversal, Outback Rigging, Panalux, Panavision, Pinewood MBS Lighting, Pixipixel, PKE Lighting, Procam Take2 Holdings, Version 2, VMI.

The member companies forming the association would be committing to opening their businesses in phased, safe, careful, cautious and responsible way, with the emphasis being uppermost on Health and Safety.

The Member Companies continue to show a remarkable degree of unanimity and consensus, given that normally, they are all the fiercest of competitors. Also, there is total agreement, that morally and ethically, there should be no commercial advantage, to be made from the appalling situation, in which the industry, country and world finds itself.

  1. The A.S.P.E.C Member Companies reopened their businesses, as promised and planned, from week commencing Monday 1st June 2020.

  2. Productions wishing to undertake a project, in general did contact their normal supplier.

  3. Individuals not employed by an A.S.P.E.C member company, were generally excluded from the company’s place of work. This applied to all crew, including camera, grip and lighting technicians wishing to undertake equipment testing. Over the intervening period, some companies were able to allow one or two technicians into the workplace, in order to carry out Equipment testing. However, ideally, equipment testing was arranged by the Production off-site but obviously, with the continuing support of the facilities house, while ensuring health & safety was in no way compromised.

  4. Technicians’ wholly owned equipment was still not allowed into the workplace. i.e. crew could provide their owned items of equipment. However, these items needed to be supplied at the production’s risk and were added to the equipment package at the point of delivery by the supply company or collection by the production. Items of technicians’ owned equipment continue to be excluded from any A.S.P.E.C. member company’s workplace and would not be accepted, if brought back with the main equipment package but would be placed in a holding area, at the owners’ own risk. Indeed, member companies transport, do not except any items of equipment, which were not owned and therefore, supplied by the company.

  5. All A.S.P.E.C member companies have begun levying a sanitising/disinfecting charge, as a separate line item on their invoices, for the additional costs related to the purchase of sanitising materials, extended cleaning times and the provision of personal protection equipment. However, additional items of equipment added to the original package, were still being charged at the facility house’s discretion but larger packages of Equipment, such as 2nd Units, would continue to attract a surcharge.

  6. A.S.P.E.C member companies continue to share information on sanitising/disinfecting amongst the membership and the industry at large.

  7. In line with the Government’s guidelines, the A.S.P.E.C member companies published their individual guidelines, policies and risk assessments on their websites, these can be found via the member company’s weblinks, as follows:

    Aardman Features Ltd:

    Alpha Grip: https://alphagrip.co.uk/our-covid-19-policy/

    ARRI Rental: https://www.arrirental.com/en/terms-conditions

    Camera Revolution:


    Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd:

    Elstree Light & Power:

    Island Studios:


    https://www.islandstudios.net/PDF/Island_Studios_COVID19_Risk_Assesment_June_2020_ V2.pdf

    https://www.islandstudios.net/PDF/IS_StayingCovidSecure.pdf Movietech: https://www.movietech.co.uk/covid-19-update/

    NBCUniversal: Being a subsidiary of the larger Comcast Group, NBC Universal would be part of the information roll out, as and when applicable policies were available, something the entire Group would be working towards

    Outback Rigging: http://www.outbackrigging.com/outback-rigging-covid-19-protocol-c249


    https://www.panavision.com/sites/default/files/docs/documentLibrary/PV%20UK%20Exter nal%20RTW%20Plan%20V2_2.pdf

    https://www.panavision.com/sites/default/files/docs/documentLibrary/Panavision%20COVI D-19%20RISK%20ASSESSMENT.pdf

    https://www.panavision.com/sites/default/files/docs/documentLibrary/PV_StayingCovidSec ure.pdf





    Pinewood MBS Lighting:




    PKE Lighting: http://pkelighting.com/userfiles/pke%20ra%20ms.pdf

    Procam Take 2 Holdings Ltd: https://take2films.co.uk/news/2020/05/29/looking-ahead/

    Vision 2 Lights Ltd.: https://www.v2lights.co.uk/covid19
    VMI TV Ltd: https://vmi.tv/news/article/270

    1. If confronted by a 2nd wave and a production needed to instigate a hiatus, any charges would continue to be at the discretion of the facilities house or studio. However, it would be hoped, that equipment could be returned to the rental houses and either taped-up or retuned to the shelf.

    2. The A.S.P.E.C member companies continue to hope, that once Phase 2 had been successfully completed, they would be in a position, to fully welcome technicians back into their facilities, in order to carry out their equipment tests. This would continue to be reviewed weekly, with any change of policy communicated without delay.

    3. However, in the future, should an easing of the situation, in respect to personally owned technicians’ equipment be accommodated, it would still need to continue to be left on site once sanitised/disinfected. If taken home at the end of the working day, as previously highlighted, the technician would have the option of paying the facilities house, to have it re- sanitised/disinfected on its return to the company’s workplace.