October 12, 2021

BSC Annual Lunch 2021


Delighted to bring the BSC family back together again after so long, the annual lunch took place at The Beaumont Estate, nestled within 40 acres of stunning grounds, within the Royal Borough of Windsor.

180 guests attended a sparkling reception and lunch. Our newest members Baz Irvine BSC ISC and Mattias Nyberg BSC were presented with their certificates. 



Baz Irvine BSC ISC (RHS)



Mattias Nyberg BSC (RHS)




Harvey Harrison BSC, Angela Vidgeon, Diana Thomson FRBS, Diana Spratling, Rita Ackland-Snow,                      Terry Ackland-Snow


New members in 2020


L-R Laurie Rose BSC, Jake Polonsky BSC, Sarah Jane, Sean Savage Assoc BSC ACO, Mark Patten BSC


L-R Jet Omoshebi, Kate Reid BSC


L-R - Phil Méheux BSC, Toby Moore, James Friend ASC BSC, Tony Jackson Assoc BSC

Huge thanks to our Patrons, who continue to support the BSC. 

Thank you to Richard Blanshard for the lovely photographs. You can view them all Here