March 31, 2022

BSC Expo 2022


Friday 8th April 2022


10.15 | Protect and Empower

Moderated by Kate Rolfe from the Digital Orchard Foundation.

Sam Wainstein Mark Milsome Foundation

Matt Longley 6ft From the Spotlight

Mike Hird  Film and TV Charity

Kate Wilson Call It App


11.30 | Sony Boiling Point – The Red Hot One – Shot Wonder Movie

An unmissable conversation with BIFA Award-winning DP Matt Lewis about his work on the sensational thriller Boiling Point, which he shot in one, single, continuous take using the Sony VENICE.

Matt is also one of the first cinematographers in the UK to shoot with the brand new Sony VENICE 2, and will share his thoughts about using it on an upcoming music video. 

Moderated by Ron Prince


12.30 BSC Panel | "To Film School or not?"

Hosted by Christopher Ross BSC

With Stuart Biddlecombe and other panellists to be confirmed


14.10 | ARRI | Bringing mixed reality to life: experiences from the studio floor

This panel discussion brings together a wealth of creative talent who have shot virtual production projects at cutting-edge mixed reality LED volumes designed and built by ARRI Solutions.

As well as sharing their experiences and insights, we explore how roles, responsibilities and technology integration are evolving through virtual production, and what this means for cinematographers, gaffer and camera crews.


Will Case, director of innovation, CT | James Franklin, virtual production supervisor, Sky Studios

Manon Hartzuiker, virtual production producer, Framestore 

David Levy, director business development, global solutions, ARRI

Rob Payton, cinematographer and virtual production consultant

Hosted and moderated by Zoe Mutter, editor, British Cinematographer


15.10 | Rotolight | The Colour Room

The Colour Room

Denson Baker ACS NZCS and Howard Davidson to speak about The Colour Room and their use of the Rotolight Titans 


16.10 | Quasar Science with disguise

From Fad to Fundamental: Make In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) Work with Lighting & Control

Moderator – Ian Muir

This panel will discuss In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) and the evolving technical practices & challenges emerging from LED Volumes

  • Definition of Terms: What are ICVFX?
  • Why do LED Volume walls poorly render skin, wardrobe, and production design in camera? Spectral continuity & quality
  • Integration of traditional lighting fixtures and set practices with game engine / video driven LED volumes
  • Lighting Control Networks & Data Management
  • Increased need for integration solutions to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration in film production


Tim Kang - Cinematographer & Quasar Science Principal Engineer, Color & Imaging 

Ben Dynice - Lighting Programmer & Quasar Science Chief Technology Officer

Peter Kirkup - disguise Solutions Director

Tim: Light with Lighting Fixtures capable of fuller spectrum throughout the entire gamut

Ben: Main goal of lighting in these environments is to tie the actor or subjects into the environment through lighting. Especially interactive lighting. More pixels = more interactivity

Peter: how do systems interact with lighting and walls, who should control this, and why?


17.10 ARRI - Lighting

Content to follow


18.10 ARRI Introducing TRINITY 2 & ARTEMIS 2 – A hands-on workshop

Product manager Curt O. Schaller demonstrates ARRI’s brand new camera stabilizers TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2. The new modular system has been redesigned down to the smallest detail, incorporating enhancements to camera movement, connectivity, power management, user interface, balance options, and product longevity.

In this workshop, Curt goes over all the new components, explains the system’s state-of-the-art features, and gives an introduction to the software.

Don’t miss your chance for this interactive, exclusive workshop!

Hosted and moderated by Curt O. Schaller, Product Manager Camera Stabilizer Systems at ARRI.


Saturday 9th April 2022


10.15am "A conversation with illuminatrix" 

illuminatrix DoPs discuss their recent work, future projects and other related topics in a Q+A.

Participants to include: Catherine Goldschmidt, Vanessa Whyte, Simona Susnea, Tania Hoser, Yana Rits, Catherine Derry and Ashley Barron ACS


11.15am BSC Panel – “Size isn’t everything – sensors and storytelling”

Hosted by Laurie Rose BSC

With Barry Ackroyd BSC | Anthony Dod Mantle ASC BSC DFF | Mark Patten BSC 


13.15 Ian Murray | How the science of vision affects the art of cinematography

How do we see? In order to truly understand cinematography, Ian Murray had to go back to the greatest lens ever designed - the human eye. His research opened up a new universe of questions about how we create, perceive, and interpret images. He realised that, as technology constantly evolves our ability to create imagery, it’s never been more important to understand our own visual programming. Ian Murray has been successfully working as a commercial cinematographer for over 25 years, has won multiple awards, and is known internationally as a master of light.


14.15 BSC Panel "High or Low Budget - What makes a good film?"

Hosted by John de Borman BSC AFC

With Sean Bobbitt BSC | Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC | Robbie Ryan BSC ISC | Anthony Dod Mantle ASC BSC DFF



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