November 18, 2022

Statement on the 5th Anniversary of the death of Mark Milsome Assoc BSC

On Saturday 18th November 2017, Mark Milsome, a son, husband, friend, artist and member of our filmmaking community was killed on set whilst filming a stunt. It was an tragic accident that should never have occurred. Five years later, the loss of Mark is still acutely felt by those that were closest to him and to the filmmaking world.

Mark left us far too early, however his filmography shows want an incredible Camera Operator he was. Films and Television such as Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Quantum of Solace and The Theory of Everything will continue to live on in audience memories thanks to Mark’s artistry.

Five years after his death the foundation that carries his name has made an incredible impact on the film community. The MMF Health and Safety Passport opens your mind to on- set responsibilities and inspires every filmmaker to be a force for positive change in the way that individual health and well-being are respected.

As Harry Bower’s said at Mark’s eulogy, Mark was someone who could cheer you up at 2am in the rain; he was someone who cared about others and nurtured new people. Mark brought a level of professionalism and care to a set, that makes us all realise – we should all #BeMoreMark.

On behalf of the British Society of Cinematographers I wish to pay tribute to Mark Milsome Assoc BSC on the 5th anniversary of his passing. To pay tribute to his career and his life, and the positive impact that he had on so many people. To pay tribute to the incredible work done by the Mark Milsome Foundation, the work of Andra and Samantha and all of who have helped make it what it is today. #BeMoreMark

Chris Ross BSC

President, British Society of Cinematographers