May 17, 2023

Welcoming the class of 2023


The British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) is delighted to welcome nine new Full Accredited (BSC) members and five new Associate (Assoc. BSC) members to our ranks. The work displayed from this years intake represents the very highest standards of Cinematography and Operating skill. There work enriches not only our society and our craft, but the films, television and documentaries they have worked upon.

Full Accredited (BSC)

  • Stuart Biddlecombe BSC
  • Jamie Cairney BSC
  • Nicola Daley BSC ACS
  • Joel Devlin BSC
  • Catherine Goldschmidt BSC
  • Stuart Howell BSC
  • Kelvin Richard BSC
  • Ed Rutherford BSC
  • Benedict Spence BSC

Associate (Assoc. BSC)

  • Jason Ewart Assoc. BSC
  • Dave Hamilton-Green Assoc. BSC
  • Charlie Rizek Assoc. BSC
  • Derek Walker Assoc. BSC
  • Tom Wilkinson Assoc. BSC

Welcome to the society!