December 19, 2023

BSC Members Work Among Golden Globe Nominees


The work of society members has featured heavily in this year's Golden Globe nominations. Poor Things, photography by Robbie Ryan BSC ISC has been nominated for 7 Globes including Film and Director. This comes on the back of his win for Best Cinematography at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 is nominated in the new category of Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, the film was shot by Henry Braham BSC.

Fellow Travelers, the critically acclaimed miniseries shot by Simon Dennis ASC BSC is nominated for Miniseries and Lead Actor, where as The Crown, now on its sixth and final season is nominated for four Globes brining its overall total to 23. The Crown was shot by Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC.

The Last of Us, which had among its Cinematographers, Eben Bolter BSC is nominated for three Globes and The Diplomat, shot by Julian Court BSC has two nominations.

Finally, Slow Horses, now on its third season, is nominated for Lead Actor (Gary Oldman) with the show being shot by Danny Cohen BSC.

Congratulations to all the Cinematographers on their amazing work. The results will be announced in January.