May 4, 2024

BAFTA win for Stephan Pehrsson BSC!


Stephan Pehrsson BSC has won the BAFTA for Best Photography and Lighting: Fiction for his work on Black Mirror: Demon 79. This is Stephan's first BAFTA and his second nomination, he was previously nominated for his work on Black Mirror: USS Callister in 2017.

Among the other society members nominated in the category were Ed Rutherford BSC for The Long Shadow and Eben Bolter ASC BSC for The Last of Us.

Among the other winners at the BAFTA Craft Awards were:

  • The Last of Us (Winning Best Director, Fiction), The Last of Us featured among its Cinematographers Eben Bolter ASC BSC.
  • The Witcher (Winner Special, Visual, Graphic Effects), The Witcher (Season 3) featured two society members on its roster during this season, Dale Elena McCready BSC NZCS and Mike Spragg BSC
  • Slow Horses (Winner Sound: Fiction and Editing: Fiction), was photographed by Danny Cohen BSC.
  • Three Little Birds (Winner, Scripted Casting), was shot by Felix Wiedemann BSC.
  • Silo (Winner, Production Design: Fiction and Music: Fiction) had Laurie Rose BSC and Mark Patten BSC among its Cinematographers.
  • The Long Shadow (Winner Best Hair and Make-Up) was shot by Ed Rutherford BSC.

The remaining BAFTA TV Awards will be announced on the 12th May and we shall update this story with those winners.

Congratulations to Stephan and all the other nominees!