Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion



British Society of Cinematographers

Diversity Equity and Inclusion



The importance and value of diversity and inclusion in the Film and Television industry within the past few years has been recognised by every major UK broadcaster, streamer, and production company.  

Diversity is not a simple “nice to have”, nor should it be viewed as just a “catchphrase”, or an “arduous imposition”.  But rather it should be viewed as an essential part of working practices for any modern industry which increases the palette of possibility and opportunities.

In Film & Television however, it is only recently that the value of diversity has been widely recognised in the technical areas from production through to post-production. Historically cinematographers and crew have been drawn from a narrow field of view and the industry has missed out on the diverse pool of talent who have been excluded from opportunities to develop. This not only limits the career opportunities of people from under-recognised groups but can restrict  the creative possibilities of the craft as different perspectives and cultures are excluded from fully contributing.

The BSC DE&I committee embraces change and has seven key aims:


  • Promote and encourage the highest standard in the art and craft of cinematography within a framework of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Promote best practices for creating an inclusive and equitable work environment.


  • Celebrate and recognise the achievements of diverse cinematographers and other industry professionals.


  • Raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout the industry.


  • Collaborate with the education committee to nurture new talent and address mid-career obstacles enabling diverse talent to reach leadership positions.


  • Partner with others to systematically record the demographics of cinematographers in the industry to better inform discussions and policies around the issue. 


  • Build communities that can nurture and support cinematographers from under-recognised groups.